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21.05.2007 General News

DFP to benefit from NPP's in-fighting?

By myjoyonline

The Democratic Freedom Party, (DFP) according to The Sun newspaper, stands the chance of reaping from the political wrangling within the Ledzokuku Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The paper says at least over 1,500 strong members including foot soldiers are preparing their notes to announce their defection to the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) sooner if prompt steps are not taken by the leaders of the NPP to address the bickering and frictions within the Ledzokuku Constituency at Teshie, near Accra.

The Sun reported on Monday that its investigations in the constituency revealed that the bickering and animosity among members of the NPP had reached its limit, giving birth to four factions namely, Auntie Sofi group, Ben Akitah Group, Non Gas' Group and Norley Group.

“The genesis of the factions that seem to be working assiduously against the party could be traced from what party faithful say fraudulent elections held in 2006 to elect the current constituency executives of the party,” the paper said.

The paper said during the said ill-fated elections a number of old executive who helped the party to capture the seat in the last elections were blocked from contesting or taking part in the constituency elections.

Following the clandestine plot to block almost all the executives from contesting, Mr. George Buah, former constituency organizer and Mr. Ben Nortey, dragged the party to court to seek redress over what they suspected was a clandestine compilation of an album for the constituency elections. Some top gurus within the NPP stepped in to resolve the issue out of court.

However, on the election day Buah and the former chairman Mr. Ofosuhene and other top party members were barred from taking part in the constituency delegates' conference.

To rub salt into injury, it emerged that the constituency secretary in consultation with the MP, Hon. Gladys Norley Ashietey, Deputy Minister of Health managed to use some family members to compile an album for the constituency election.

The Sun said the MP at least has five of her relations on the album representing Ward Chairmen while the Secretary has six of his relatives in the album who voted as ward chairmen.

Following this anomaly the old executives and the foot soldiers filed a petition to the party gurus to investigate the matter.

The Sun said as a result of the flaws in album the NPP suffered defeat during the district assembly elections when the party failed to grab even one assembly member out of the four slots in the constituency.

“Buah and most of the foot solders in Auntie Sofi's group and those in Akitah's group confirmed the planned defection saying they have no hope staying in the party but the constituency secretary, Sabbah denied the knowledge about the forged signatures and that all the allegations about him are not true.”

Armah offered the Sun two options thus; either we stand before court with him or the paper is forced to a publish rejoinder.

When the Sun reached the MP who is also the Deputy Minister of Health for her reaction she promised to speak on Thursday.

Akitah's group meets at the old constituency office at Martinso every Sunday while Ayalolo area also serves as meeting place for George Buah and Frank Anim and Fosuhene groups.