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18.05.2007 General News

Ghana suffers from mental slavery - CNC


The Eastern Regional Director of the Centre for National Culture, Mr Kingsley Obeng, has observed that Ghana is still suffering from mental slavery.

He said while political freedom has been won, that of mental slavery continues to assail the people. He added that the nascent effects of the phenomenon will persist unless concrete steps such as revising the nation's school curriculum are taken to allow for the formation of new mental attitudes.

He was emphatic that without a revision of the educational curriculum in Ghana to allow for educational instructions in Ghanaian heritage studies, not much will be achieved in terms of mental freedom.

Mr Obeng was speaking at an Emancipation Day celebration organized by the Ghana Tourist Board (GTB) for secondary schools, media practitioners and players in the hospitality industry at Koforidua on Wednesday.

He marveled at the voluptuous appetite for foreign products, including second-hand panties while very few people patronize local fabrics manufactured to promote national identity.

According to Mr Obeng, many Ghanaians have become de-personalized and dominated by foreign values and in the case of the youth, they have developed a false perception which did not see anything attractive about Ghanaian cultural products.

He said not only were such attitudes false and misplaced, but in addition the proponents tended to exhibit a certain ignorance about Ghanaian culture such as equating everything African to juju practice.

Source: GNA