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15.05.2007 General News

Where Is Kan “Affordability” Dapaah?

By The Lens

It wasn't long ago in this dear country of ours that a certain Kan Dapaah, who was then the shadow Minister for Energy, used to enter the valleys and run to the top of the highest mountains to preach his “affordability” gospel.
Kan “Affordability” Dapaah, could not be bothered whether there was mischief in his gospel; all he wanted the people of Ghana to hear, was the fact that the NDC government in all its major decisions, should make “affordability” the cornerstone of such decisions.
The impression that Kan “Affordability” Dapaah sough to create, was to drum home the point that the NDC government was an insensitive government that introduced policies without considering whether Ghanaians could afford to accommodate whatever shocks that may accompany such decisions of the government.
Those were the days that leading members of the NPP could gather Ghanaians and hold a gallon of petrol and ask them whether it made sense for the suffering masses to pay 6,400 cedis for it.
Of course, the answer to such a question was always a big shout of NOOOO!!!!! from Ghanaians.
Those were the days that the NPP could gather school children and ask them whether their parents could afford to pay their school fees. And the answer was a big NO.
Those were the days that Ghanaians were asked whether they could afford to pay their hospital bills. And the answer was always a NO.
Those were the days that the NPP reduced the political debate to unimaginably low levels and ridiculed Prof Mills for asking university graduates to take to teaching.
As far as the NPP was concerned teaching was not a noble profession for graduates and it is no wonder that teachers are amongst the group of workers the NPP government does not give a damn about.
The NPP has been in the saddle for close to 7 years and Kan “Affordability” Dapaah's voice cannot be heard any longer.
Petrol prices have increased by more than 500% from 6,400 to over 40,000 and we can no longer hear the concerned (?) Kan “Affordability” Dapaah preach his affordability gospel.
Cement has moved from 19,000 cedis to way past 100,000 cedis and we cannot hear the voice of Kan “Affordability” Dapaah preaching his affordability gospel.
Innocent women and their newborn babies are being held hostage at Korle Bu and other government hospitals because they can't pay as little as 200,000 cedis and the voice of Kan “Affordability” Dapaah cannot be heard.
In the face of power rationing and no water flowing through our taps, Kwame Pianim's PURC has increased tariffs and we cannot hear the voice of Kan “Affordability” Dapaah preaching his affordability gospel.
Suddenly, the word “Affordability” has vanished from the lexicon of Kan “Affordability” Dapaah.
Indeed, the human being called Kan “Affordability” Dapaah has apparently vanished from the scene.
These days, we hardly hear of the affordability man and his affordability gospel.
If we juxtapose the affordability gospel against what is happening today under the NPP government of which Kan “Affordability” Dapaah is a cabinet minister, does it not tell a simple story of a group of dishonest politicians who because they wanted power, preached the affordability gospel and after hoodwinking the electorate into giving them power, have conveniently thrown the affordability gospel away and are behaving as if they have never heard the word before?
The Ghanaian Lens has raised the affordability issue not because we want to hang Kan “Affordability” Dapaah. Far from that!
We have raised the affordability issue because all over Ghana, the ordinary person is finding it very difficult to make ends meet and we think that we should remind Ghanaians of how a group of politicians took them away from the heaven that the NDC provided for them, and landed them in the hottest and darkest part of hell.
A classical case of a person selling his coloured TV in order to buy a superior type of coloured TV only to realize that he/she has bought a black & white one.
The NPP has taken Ghana backwards, and considering the way Ghanaians are feeling the NPP's heat, The Ghanaian Lens just hopes and prays that come December 2008, the suffering masses would overwhelmingly give Prof Mills the mandate to move this country from the path of unrighteousness back on to the path of righteousness.
Ghanaians, your destiny is in your hands and The Ghanaian Lens is on its knees and praying that you would do what is desirable and vote out the incompetent and wicked NPP government that knows how to use the word “affordability” when they are in opposition but conveniently throw the word away after they have gotten power.
The NPP must be voted out and we must do so to prove to Kan “Affordability” Dapaah and his NPP that we can't AFFORD to have them ever rule this country again.