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11.05.2007 Feature Article


The origin of the NDC is clothed in violence. This is undisputable especially when viewed from its antecedents as coming out of the AFRC/PNDC revolutions. These periods were characterised by most of the deadliest bloodsheds the nation has ever witnessed, and the records on them is an open secret.

However, after supposedly transforming itself from the revolutionary stance into a democratic one, many lovers of democracy had the feeling that the penchant for coups, intolerance of dissenting views and opinions, idolising of individuals and making the party revolve around one particular personality, whose stance on most issues are often controversial, would cease.

Unfortunately, that seems to be far from the truth. Coming events, they say cast their shadows. Two leading Ghanaian independent newspapers, in the course of the week, reported of assassination attempts on the life of the young and enterprising Hon Haruna Iddrisu, an eye and role model to most youthful and ambitious lovers of politics. Even more worrying is the assertion by the papers that the sinister plot is being hatched by people from within.

Although I don't always share the view points of Hon. Haruna, especially, his role in succumbing to the full-cost-recovery during his days in NUGS to the then NDC government) , I believe we should all as peace loving Ghanaians, wake up to his defence.

Even more worrying is the camp where news of the plot is coming from. Another “Palace Coup”? Simply for daring to freely speak one's mind on an issue where some untouchables within the NDC shared divergent views? Eh!

Please NDC, come clean on this. We are on red alert and will not tolerate any such moves. Precedents have awakened Ghanaians, who are thus keeping an eagle's eye on you.

The Hon Haruna Iddrisu, no matter his background, and ideology, is a member of our legislature and everything should be done to protect his life.

You see why the NDC is still not attractive to floating voters? You see why it is only the core supporters of the NDC that will go for it? There seem to be an array of blood-thirsty people within the NDC. They find it difficult to shed off their revolutionary inclinations even in this era of multi-party democracy.

People should treat this breaking story with all the attention it deserves and not see it as a diversionary move, as some people will desperately want us to believe. The antecedents of the party, where the names insinuated are coming from have a history. Let's not sweep the story under the carpet. Let's us do a content analysis of the story and see if it holds water.

Do you remember the fallouts of the Coco Beach meeting and the vituperations of the former President in Holland as well? Do they and the import of this story have anything in common?

Food for thought!!!



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