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10.05.2007 Politics

MP sues DCE over HIPC cash

By myjoyonline

The Koforidua High Court will on 17th May begin hearing of a suit filed against the District Chief Executive for Manya Krobo District in the Eastern Region, David Sackitey Asare by the Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Constituency, Michael Nyaunu.

The MP believes the DCE is unjustifiably denying him access to his share of the HIPIC funds for the development of the area and has even imputed political moves for his seat as the likely source of a running friction between the two political leaders.

But while NDC MP claims his seat is one of the biggest targets of the governing New Patriotic Party, for which reason the DCE is making his work difficult in the constituency, the DCE also asserts that the MP is not straightforward and could not be trusted with the development of the area.

MP Michael Nyaunu explained to The Enquirer that the DCE had refused him his share of the HIPC fund to enable him pay contractors for jobs done under the fund.

He accused Mr. Sackitey of portraying him to the people of the district as an ineffective MP.

According to him, after several efforts to access his share of the HIPC fund had failed, he decided to resort to the law courts to decide on the status of the Fund.

"I believe in the rule of law, and so if there is any misunderstanding on the use of the Fund, I believe the best thing to do is to go to the courts for them to decide if the DCE has the right to refuse me my share of the money", he said.

He said that at the recent orientation for the newly elected assembly members, the resource persons told the assembly that as the people's representatives, they should demand accountability from public office holders.

Mr. Nyaunu, who is also the Minority Spokesperson on Trade and Industry, alleged that because he has taken it upon himself to educate the constituents on the amount of financial inflow into the District, the DCE is uncomfortable with him.

"I take it upon myself to move from community to community to explain to the people, central government policies, proceedings in parliament as well as the resources that come to the assembly, from the Common Fund.

The MP said the whole problem started when he requested the assembly to pay ¢200 million as his share of his HIPC Fund to a contractor for the construction of the Akuse market.

He said the DCE refused to release the money even though the job has been completed, and the inhabitants are using the facility.

According to the MP, the DCE contracted the services of the Architectural and Engineering Services Limited (AESL) to evaluate the market project, without his knowledge.

The report of the finding by the AESL, signed by the Regional Consultant, Mr. L. S.A. Atongo, dated 15th March 2007, put the total cost of the project at ¢197 million.

Responding to the claims of the MP, in an interview with The Enquirer, the DCE confirmed that he had received the writ of summon from the Koforidua High Court.

He accused the MP of double standards, claiming he preaches public accountability but never ready to practice it.

"I gave ¢200 million to Hon. Nyaunu, and up to date, he has not accounted for the money properly, and as the DCE, I think this must not continue", he said.

"Government money must be used judiciously, and this MP is using inappropriate channel to get this money, and am not ready to condone this improper act", the DCE added.

Credit: The Enquirer