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04.05.2007 General News

Obesity is not sign of good living


A medical doctor of the Saltpond Government Hospital, Dr Kwabena Sarpong has advised Ghanaians to discard the notion that fatness is a sign of good living.

He said it is rather a very serious health problem.

Dr Sarpong urged Ghanaians to do away with sedentary lifestyles to avoid obesity, which made people vulnerable to many diseases especially, heart related ones.

He made the call at a "Health Talk" organized by the Mfantseman District Council of Labour at Saltpond as part of May Day activities.

Dr Sarpong noted that heart related diseases like hypertension were becoming very common in the Ghanaian society and admonished the people to watch their diet, excessive alcohol intake and smoking habits.

"Another disease which is on the increase is diabetes," Dr Sarpong noted, and advised the people to go for regular medical examinations since diabetes and hypertension did not have early symptoms.

"Do away with taking fatty foods, too much salt and sugar, excessive alcohol intake and smoking and exercise the body regularly and you will stay healthy at all times" he advised.

Dr Sarpong advised against overstressing the body as a result of working without rest for a long time as it also caused hypertension.

Mr Francis Yankson, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Mfantseman District Mutual Health Insurance Scheme hinted that Health Insurance cards issued in any district in the region would now be accepted in other districts except the Regional Hospital at Cape Coast, which accepted cards of only referred patients.

Mr Yankson urged contributors to the scheme to regard themselves as shareholders and contribute to its successful implementation.

"You should do away with issues which could cripple the scheme," he advised.

The PRO appealed to workers to ensure that their aged parents and relatives who were above 70 years were registered to enable them to benefit from the scheme without paying any premium.

Source: GNA