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02.05.2007 General News

Professor Akosa rips into gov’t

By dailyEXPRESS Newspaper

Former Director General of the Ghana Health Service and leading member of the Convention People's Party (CPP) Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa has rubbished talk that the economy has improved under President Kufuor.

“The majority of Ghanaians are poor and yet the current NPP government have so far failed to address the basic needs of the majority… the fact of the matter is that the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian particularly the poorest is marginalized in the NPP's overall policies and programmes, that 42% of schooling ends before or at the end of primary school level demonstrates the enormous marginalization of future leaders of our dear nation” he said.

Answering questions on a London radio station, HotFM, Professor Badu Akosa said if there is security for all why do many homes feel the need to build 6 foot walls with barbed wire around their homes.

“Who are we afraid of” he asked, adding “it is precisely because the majority have been completely forgotten , resulting in general hopelessness among the youth, with unemployment and idleness to the extent that our young people have been compromised and forced to do anything for survival.”

A statement issued by the UK CPP branch says Professor Akosa asked anybody who doubted him to contact the Association of Ghana Industries to find out how the government's unbridled trade liberalization has destroyed Ghana's industries.

“The fact of the matter is that macroeconomic stability is necessary but not a sufficient condition for achieving middle income status and for general improvement in the daily living conditions of our people” Professor Akosa said.

Asked why a host of key CPP members like himself decided to join the NPP government, Professor Akosa rebuffed “I have never been a member of the NPP government, the fact is that I applied for the Director General position which was advertised, I was interviewed and was appointed for a 4 year term. The position is not a government appointed position, but a public service appointment and I felt a call to serve Ghana in the health sector.”

On the fragmented CPP front and how the family can be brought back together, the Medical Director eulogized that it is understandable when a father's house is left in disrepair with a leaking roof and the children abandon such a house but when the house is refurbished and repaired then it is expected that all the children will return to their father's house.

“This is precisely what is happening in the CPP, that the CPP house which has` been in disrepair is now nearing the completion of its refurbishment… there are many rooms in the refurbished house for all of Nkrumah's children to return home.”

Professor Akosa said the CPP is the only government which had the welfare of the people at the centre of its economic policies and programmes and it is time for Ghanaians to support the CPP to improve the destiny of Ghana.

Save Ghana now, a slogan reminiscent of the independence struggle must be the clarion call, he said.

Source: dailyEXPRESS Newspaper