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28.04.2007 General News

PNDC Law 111 rescues rural spouses


The Intestate Succession Law (PNDC Law 111) has largely succeeded in bringing justice to many surviving spouses, especially rural based women and children on the death of their husbands and fathers.

Mr Stanislus Amanoipo, Kadjebi District Magistrate made this assertion at a workshop for Chiefs, Queenmothers, Assembly members and students in the Nkwanta district to enhance their capacity in resolving issues pertaining to inheritance in their communities.

He said the Law sought to address the injustices suffered by surviving spouses, especially women and their children under the patrilineal and matrilineal systems of inheritance in the country.

Mr Amanoipo said it was essential that bereaved families secured "Letters of Administration" for the one to distribute the property of their deceased relatives.

He said that piece of legal document clears all possible legal battles to pave the way for a smooth process of sharing such property.

Mr Amanoipo however, stressed the need for families of the deceased to be united in securing that document.

Source: GNA