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27.04.2007 Togo

Cycling: Ghana Excels At Tour Du Togo

The National cycling team bagged six medals at the just-ended seven-stage cycling race dubbed “Tour Du Togo” held in Togo from April 15 to 22.

The Ghanaians won two gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal in the race which was routed through Kara-Niamtougou-Kara. Ghana competed alongside its West African counterparts, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and Niger.

Cyclist Ayitey Akoto placed second in a 60-km race, while Adnad Mohammed and Aminu Osuma placed third and fourth respectively in a 74-km battle.

A 52-km race between Sokode and Sotouboua, the shortest distance covered during the competition, saw cyclists from Benin occupying the first and second positions, with Ghana's Adnad Mohammed placing fifth.

The fourth stage race was between Blitta and Atakpame, a distance of 95km. Ghana's William Afful won the race but was given the second position.

William Afful came up strongly during the fifth stage race from Atapkame to Notsie, a 60-km distance, to reverse his previous day's performance.

Afful won the race ahead of the previous day's winner, Dossouvi Kowouvi of Togo.

The sixth edition of the race started from Notsie to Kpalime, a distance of 62km with 52km untarred, where Ayitey Akoto secured the second spot.

The final stage of the competition covered a distance of 117km from Kpalime to Lome where four Ghanaians took part.

At the end of the seven-stage competition, Ghana placed first ahead of the five other nations.

Ghana again won one stage gold, placed second at three stages with three silvers, as well as third bronze at a stage.