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27.04.2007 General News

Akosombo Heading For Complete Shut Down

By Ghana Palaver
JUST a month ago, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) announced a new electricity load shedding programme for the whole country.
The programme or plan which was later affirmed in a joint press briefing at the Information and National Orientation Ministry by the Volta River Authority (VRA) and the ECG was to ensure that the little water left in the Akosombo reservoir was conserved by the strict rationing of power.
By this, consumers were made to take notice of the new electricity management plan and plan their activities accordingly.
As it appears now, the whole load shedding programme has been completely neglected or abandoned as Akosombo heads for a total shut down.
Sources close to the VRA say the new programme has had to be abandoned because the water level was at a precarious low that it would need a divine intervention to secure electricity or power for the Ghanaian consumers.
They cited the current water level of 235.65 ft instead of the required 278.00ft level as rather disturbing.
Even more disturbing and indeed worrying is the lies and lukewarm attitude towards solving he problem as there continues to be a shift from one plan to the other.
The idea by the government to even consider nuclear energy generation, they said, was a slap in the face of common sense.
"How could any one consider or divert attention towards nuclear energy generation in the heat of a serious and economically debilitating crisis such as this", one source said.
They generally questioned the political will of the government and especially the president since it had been a hallmark of his not to step on the toes of his so-called development partners. This is because the diversified uses of nuclear energy including the production of atom bombs has come to be regarded as forbidden for any non-developed country and their safety unguaranteed.
Moreover, the source of funding for such a project it is said will be difficult if not impossible.
It is generally believed that if the government does not act quickly to get the acclaimed imported generators installed to generate badly needed electricity, the country, may be plunged into serious energy crisis unprecedented in its history since the current situation does not appear to get any better.