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27.04.2007 General News

50,000 pounds needed to train a veterinary


A School of Veterinary Medicine College to train local veterinary doctors will commence this year to save cost.

Speaking to the GNA, Dr Kwasi Darkwa, Vice President of the Ghana Veterinary Medical Association, disclosed that all the 250 veterinary doctors in Ghana were trained outside costing the government 50,000 pounds per each student.

β€œThe establishment of the local training school will save the government the high cost in training veterinarians abroad,” he said.

He said the school would run under the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences of the University of Ghana.

The training, which will be a six-year course, will run just like the courses in the medical school.

Dr Darkwa said the Veterinary Council had completed its documents and presented them to the Academic Board of the University and was waiting for the go ahead.

Dr Darkwa noted that the number of veterinarians was dwindling because the retirement and death of the old ones while others are due for retirement.

He said the establishment of the training school would reverse the ever-decreasing manpower resource base of the profession.

Source: GNA