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26.04.2007 General News

Another Dishonest Academic Who Responds To The Name Boafo-Arthur

By Musa Salifu
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Why is it that the NPP is allowing itself to be so predictable?

After the superb matured performance of Prof Mills ala his energy press conference and his nation-loving visit to the Akosombo Dam, I called a few of my NPP friends and told them what their next line of action would be.

Yes, I told them that for starters, they would use Yaw Boadu Ayeboafo's propaganda mouthpiece called the Daily Graphic to create the impression that the energy crisis would be solved in no time, and then they would get some dishonest intellectuals to start making cacophonous sounds in praise of Kufuor and his on-its-last-legs NPP.

True to my predictions, the Daily Graphic has spent the last two weeks somersaulting over nuclear energy and slitty-eyed Chinese signing contracts to build the Bui Dam, and then a certain Kwame Boafo-Arthur, who is supposed to be teaching students political science at Legon, has come out with one of the most ridiculous statements I have heard since those four pastors shamefully issued their disgraceful pastoral letter.

On Sunday after church, as usual, I decided to surf cyber space to see what was up by way of news.

I was certainly not going to look for sports news because on Saturday, my team, Arsenal, had succeeded in breaking my heart once again by allowing Tottenham Hotspurs to equalize deep into injury time and has made it quite impossible for us to take the third position in the Barclays Premier League.

So I went looking for news on politics (especially news on goings-on in Nigeria), and right there on Ghanaweb, was an eye-hurting story captioned “Govt's successes unprecedented – Prof”.

Of course, curiosity got the better part of me and so I decided to read the full text and find out the particular Professor (certainly it wasn't going to be Prof Mills) who was allowing his brain cells to play host to NPP's kickback and cocaine money induced virus.

Was I really reading right? Yes I was.

And I could not believe what I was reading.

Boafo-Arthur has obviously succeeded in sniffing a lot of something that is not good for him, and thinks that since independence, the country is now seeing its way clear in terms of foreign policy and economic development.

Boafo-Arthur's anchor theme, for which he spews out his rare type of intellectual garbage, is the fact that Kufuor has visited all the G8 countries and so that means that the 8 most industrialized nations have embraced Kufuor and his development (?) agenda. Development agenda my foot!!!

Read this: “There is no government since independence which has played host to virtually all key leaders of the industrialized countries or their key representatives in rapid succession, as well as those countries playing host to our President. The New Patriotic Party period is therefore, unprecedented”. Goodness me!!!

The quote is not that of some wayside urchin who has been given a few shots of akpeteshi by some benevolent elephant ooo, it is the words of a university don who is supposed to be imparting knowledge.

So the yardstick for describing Kufuor as the most successful leader since independence, is because he has made more useless and unfocused travels than any other leader?

“Yehowa eee, naa wor morbor ooo!!!” Swa!!!

To tell you the truth, when you read the whole article, you would begin to forgive the likes of Vladimir Antwi Danso because their level of intellectual dishonesty is nowhere near that of Kwame Boafo-Artur.

What amazed me was the way this Kwame Boafo-Arthur sought to raise Kufuor over and above Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

For me, the NPP can go ahead and say anything they want to say about our past leaders but when it comes to Kwame Nkrumah, they come across as simpletons when they try to tell some senseless tales that paint their man brighter than the great Osagyefo.

We are in darkness, and Kufuor keeps lying to us that he would solve the problem in “two weeks” yet Boafo-Arthur thinks that we are in the best of times as a nation.

Industries have collapsed because of the debilitating energy crisis and Boafo Arthur thinks that we are in the best of times.

Ghana has become the number one drug hub in the world and Boafo-Arthur would have us believe that all is well in Ghana.

For the first time in the history of Ghana, a sitting MP (Amoateng) got busted in the United States for trafficking heroin and is awaiting his sentence on the 6th of June, and Boafo-Arthur thinks that the best to do is to be ululating in praise of Kufuor.

Students of the University of Ghana are being beaten by police because they want government to solve their accommodation problems, and Boafo-Arthur thinks that we are in the best of times.

A nonsensical educational reform programme has been introduced, and Boafo-Arthur thinks we are in the best of times.

Bank of Ghana staff know nothing about the redenomination nonsense that is about to take place, and Boafo-Arthur thinks we are in the best of times.

Kufuor is the Chairman of the AU and is watching and clapping as Obasanjo throws Nigeria into the abyss, and Boafo-Arthur thinks that we are in the best of times.

Indeed, Kufuor debases our national awards by bestowing the highest one on Obasanjo who is nothing but a tyrant, and the political science lecturer thinks that such a move is the best that has happened in the political history of this country. Very sad indeed!!!

If the man has not been attacked by a heavy bout of a strange disease, then I don't know what his problem is.

I am sure that the likes of Antwi Danso have woken up to the realization that they are making laughing stocks of themselves by defending the indefensible and so have retired only for new kids on the block like Boafo-Arthur to be championing an extremely stupid crusade that would do nothing to their image but make them look like fools.

Somebody should tell Kwame Boafo-Arthur that I say he is welcome into the arena where it would be enjoyable insulting him and exposing him for the kind of dishonest intellectual that he is.