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25.04.2007 General News


By Ghanaian Lens

THE boys, after spending almost a whole week, studying the statement by the Energy Minister, in response to the words of wisdom by Uncle Atta, have concluded that the former's story was brewed in a black pot, moulded in the highest degree of lies.
For, what party, in the whole wide world is noted for its in dirty lies, unwise deception and diversionary tactics, more that the party of the elephants.
Who recently gave a time-table for the normalization of the power situation, in a matter of two weeks?
In the heat of the crisis, who suddenly drew a conclusion that Brother Tonny's mouth has turned out to be a bomb, the kind seen by Bush and Blair on display on the late Iraqi President's table, before that country was attacked?
In any case, is it the umbrella men and not the elephants, who are hot?
And, for that matter, which of the groups need to play the diversionary game? Is it not the group which is hot and struggling to find a hiding place for cover?
Commonsense, is not common.
Otherwise, how can a man, sweating hot, in his pants, turn round and claim that it is rather the one with no headaches, who is rather feeling uncomfortable in his shirt, at a time when he is enjoying fresh air?

Chairman's face tattooed!
It is simply strange that some newspapers, which made huge headlines out of the Kof Town Umbrella meeting incidents, are all quiet over the recent blow-for-blow clashes in the elephants' camp.
In one incident, a 65 year old man, surprised all, when he dodged a blow from an “Hunourable man”, an act, which sent the assailant landing in full zize, into a gutter.
Those, who featured in "gutter-to-gutter" contests years back, it is believed, remember what constituted a 'God-say” goal.
That was the way in which the “honourable” man, got himself buried inside the gutter, with the weight of his own blow…
In another incident, a female-Tarzan, a Tarzania (?), registered some tattoos on the face of her constituency chairman, with her pair of sandals.
It was not the first of its kind. The same crude woman had once registered a “heavy weight” punch to a lady, for interrupting her lies at a meeting.
Of course, the victim, who had a black eye, was asked not to mind that uncultured and uncivilized woman.
However, this time, it is reported the asylum graduate will be banned from meetings in the zoo.
This is the kind of indiscipline and violence that reigns supreme in the world of elephants. The Asiama woman, the climber, will fit in well in that group.

The foul-mouthed group...
That “heart-man”, who only a few months ago, was the toast of the lying newspapers, is now being painted in dirty colours by the same praise-singers.
The angry man says one of those newspapers is “a disgrace to the media profession”.
But, perhaps, what the “heart-man” has failed to realize is the case, that the attack being launched against him are from within. He became a target, when he opened his mouth to announce his intention to become a leader.
Yes, that's how dirty and irresponsible the elephants are.
The boys recall how this "heart-man" only a few months ago joined in singing the chorus that there is nothing but political violence in the Umbrella camp.
Fortunately, the old man above is not like a “Lag….”.
He is only proving to him, how mistaken he was with his assessment on party discipline.
It's a wicked dog bites a harmless dog affair, and the man needs not take any legal action on the matter. After all, it's an age-old tradition.

The self-deception again
It has started again. When the cocaine man's guilt has been proved beyond doubt and has confessed his sins, in line with the tradition of the season, they say the man is not guilty.
Prior to that, when the man put in his resignation letter to vacate his seat, they said he had put on his dress and was on his way to parliament.
Indeed, at the time when the crook was being shown, pictorially, his deep involvement in the drug business, a news paper in Ghana screamed that the cocaine man had been freed.
Recently, when the son of that mining magnate was grabbed and was about to be pushed inside, his father drank tea and claimed that he had asked the occupant of the seat in Windsor to intervene in the case , since the son is the propective Duke of Liverpool.