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25.04.2007 General News


By Ghanaian Lens
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ALTHOUGH we are not against the repetition of the advertisement on the change of currency, we think some kind of variety of the clip, especially on our television screens, will be more purposeful.
For instead of attracting more attention of viewers, the mere jingle, introducing the advert, is now met with rebuffs. They are becoming boring.
In any case, it is not townsmen with access to television sets, who need education on the change, most.
It is rather the villagers, the unfortunate illiterate, who need intensive education on the exercise.
To these people, the reassurance of “value is the same”, means next to nothing.
Although we still remain unconvinced about the need for the change, once “it is coming”, we appeal to all those who, by now have understood the mathematical conversion, to help educate the unfortunate ones, to avoid any cases of cheating by some unscrupulous persons.