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24.04.2007 General News


By Ghanaian Lens
THE lack of toilet facilities and other places of convenience in most households has come under serious and vigorous attack.
The Chairman of the Law Reform Commission Prof. Justice A.K Paaku Kludze has criticised the situation where some landlords convert their toilet facilities into stores and rooms for renting.
As a result, he has attributed the overwhelming environmental problems confronting the country partly to the lack of such facility in rented household.
In a press release on the Review of the Rent Act, 1963 (Act 220), Justice Kludze stated that the proposed provisions would ensure that proper sanitary facilities were provided by such rental facilities to ensure that the health of the occupants were protected.
He stressed the need to re-align the whole Rent Control Structure with the District Assemblies such that their presence would be felt and their financial predicament reduced and suggested the inclusion of the relevant sector Minister.
In recent times, he said, a lot of estate agencies had sprung up and there was therefore the question as to whether their activities needed to be regulated in the Rent Act example on their licensing and others for effective monitoring and control.
He said the contributory factor to the high cost of accommodation in the city was the fast pace at which well marked purely residential areas were now being turned into commercial and administrative districts.
He indicated that the review was aimed mainly at up dating the law to be abreast with, and reflect current situation such that, rents for properties were not artificially over suppressed to discourage others from investing in the industry and also enable landlord rehabilitate and maintain their existing properties.