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19.04.2007 Feature Article


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In recent times, many of our citizens have been instantaneously judged the mob as a way of punishment any time there is an incident of crime in the country. This kind of development has indeed not helped us as a nation considering the enormous damage being handed over to our beloved citizens.

Sincerely, I believe such activities embarked upon by unscrupulous personalities must come to light for the whole country to see the main perpetrators. Just recently, on my way to Accra from Sunyani, I personally witnessed an incident at the Suhum-Nkawkaw roundabout where individuals had been murdered by unknown serial killers for no apparent reason.

In another incident, which occurred at Koforidua where some women were found to have been murdered in cold blood and again at Central Region where individuals were said to be missing mysteriously. I have actually observed that these heinous incidents happen anytime it is getting to election time, as we can cast our minds back to the 2000 elections where numerous victims encountered these fates.

In another unrelated incident, “A 30 year old woman at Akyem Aboabo and six human skulls in the bush at Akyem Oda which has created fear and panic in the Birim South District of the Eastern Region”.(Daily Graphic-17-04-2007,Page 1).

However, I am tempted to believe that ritual purposes can be associated with the reason why such incident takes place. The insecurity and panic which are being created simultaneously as a result of the recent development will come to a halt when critical measures are displayed at the forefront of our security personnel all over the country. The police inspite of their numerous efforts at averting crime should revise their approach to arresting the problems before it is escalated beyond control.

Mob Justice as a tool has also been engaged by citizens who believe that they hold the key to law and order in the country. Perpetrators of mob Justice should be treated with all the contempt they deserves. Let's look at the armed robber who was lynched to death just last week at Mamprobi specifically “Alhaji Area”. According to investigations, the armed robbers were five (5) in all but just as they made away with the stolen items, one of them was unfortunately caught and lynched to death.

In a related development, an administrator of the Goaso Hospital, a presiding member for Asunafo South District Assembly in the person of Mr. Boateng Yeboah, was beaten to death in a very bizarre circumstance. In the midst of Easter celebrations, people did not learn about the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus but rather resorted to beating an innocent citizen confusing him for armed robber. The people of Atronie who embarked on this act should bow their heads down in shame for this disgraceful act.

Government's efforts in beefing security of course must be commended but critical security measures should be taken into consideration without any further delay. The public should be educated on what to do when faced with circumstances relating to suspected armed robbers in order not to kill our experts at the instance of any suspected issue. Citizens therefore should not take the law into their own hands instead handover cases to the appropriate authorities. All lives are precious; mob justice is barbaric and has no place in our 21st century Ghana.

Samuel Laryea
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Samuel Laryea
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