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19.04.2007 General News

I’m sorry – World Bank boss

By myjoyonline

The juveniles who pulled a bomb scare prank on a South Africa Airways flight to Accra on Monday night are children of World Bank staff here in Accra.

The 11 year old female twins are daughters of the World Bank Country Director, Mr Matts Karlson, whiles the third, a 12 year old is a daughter of another bank staff.

The three were returning from South Africa with Mrs Karlson whose husband was away in Washington attending the World Bank meeting of Finance Ministers.

Joy News has learnt the children were emulating a similar scene they had scene in a movie.

The incident prompted the activation of an emergency response plan which saw the isolation of the aircraft and the evacuation of the passengers.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News from his base in Washington, Mr Karlson said though the children might not understand the enormity and the implications of what they did, he condemns the incident outright.

“They have done something they should not do. They are small kids and of course it is something one should never do. It happens. I am very sorry and so are they. It was not a good thing to happen,” Mr Karlson said.

He said his children have shown remorse after the incident.

Mr Karlson observed: “They were very sad. They know what they have done. They are writing their apologies and I think they would then have to do something to show they have regretted; may be some community work.”