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19.04.2007 General News

FDB schools sachet water producers


The Food and Drugs Board has warned that it would not hesitate to ban producers who fail to conform to laid down systems and regulations in sachet water production.

Mr George Pentsil, FDB Officer in charge of Western and Central regions was addressing a forum organized for filtered sachet water producers in the Western region at Takoradi.

It was to ensure that producers used approved equipment and also operated under hygienic conditions and environment following public reports about poor quality of filtered water produced in the region.

Mr Pentsil said the reports did not only tarnish the image of producers of sachet or bottled water but also raises serious health concerns that must be addressed "before any harm is done."

He reiterated that the FDB would not shirk its responsibility to ensure safe water for the public by ensuring that good manufacturing and handling practices were employed.

The FDB official appealed to the public as well as manufacturers to report the activities of criminals who went round as FDB inspectors.

Mr Albert Ankomah, Regulatory Officer of the FDB took the 42 participants through good manufacturing practices, proper production procedures, the use of the various types of water filters, packaging, the right use of preservatives and personal hygiene among other topics.

He said it was compulsory for sachet water producers to use ultra violet radiation systems at the last point of filtration because that was an excellent sterilizing system.

Source: GNA