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18.04.2007 General News

Ga culture on display

By Daily Guide

The custom and traditional culture of the people of Ga State was beautifully displayed at the Ga Mantse's Palace over the weekend, during the official crowning of the Ga Mantse, King Tackie Tawiah III.

The North Kaneshie palace which had been decorated with striking colours of blue and yet yellow at noon started receiving people from all walks of life, who came in their numbers to witness the coronation ceremony.

At the function were government officials, members of the Ga Traditional Council, chiefs, well wishers and people from all walks of life.

The Accra Market Women's Association were seen carrying foodstuffs as a sign of abundance of food in the Ga Kingdom.

On hand were the Police who were there to provide security, with support from the Asafoatsei and Asafoanyemei (warriors of the Ga State), who were serving as guards at the main entrance to the Palace.

The warriors in their war attires with guns, were seen dancing and singing, and occasionally firing their musketry with alacrity, while a special group of young men and women played Obonu tunes, Ga traditional songs.

The fontonfrom drummers also made sure that the air was charged with the deafening sounds of their traditional instruments.

The chiefs and queen mothers of the various areas in the state, as well as members of the Ga Traditional Council, including the Gbese, Abola, Asere, Otublohum, Sempe, Akunmadze, Ngleshie Alata, Osu, Osu Alata, La, Teshie, Tema, Nungua, Nai Wulomo.

Sakumo Wulomo and the Korle Wulomo, traditionally dressed, turned in one after the other as if by design.

The ceremony would not have been complete without the pouring of libation by the Nai Wulomo, Numo Tete Ill, who received massive support from the other Wulomei.

The whole place turned ecstatic when news came that the King had arrived, about a few minutes after 14 hours, in a Black Mitsubishi Montero Cross Country vehicle.

As soon as thc Masters of Ceremony announced the arrival of the King, all eyes turned in that direction and the Asafoatsei and Asafoanyei had a tough time controlling the crowd, who had moved from their seats just to catch a glimpse of the King.

When the King, led by the Cia Manye, Naa Dede Omanduru stepped out later to greet his subjeets, cheers and smiles and his appellation 'Abia Azuma' filled the air.

The Ga State women were caring kpokpoi, the Ga traditional food, Palm nut soup and a locally brewed beverage known as 'Asana' in a queue, leading the King and his entourage.

Then came the highlight of the event - the rituals of the coronation where a cow was slaughtered by a young man at the centre of the durbar grounds for the King to step on three times for its blood to pour on his feel.

Perhaps, the people of the Ga State would not forget the words in the Ga appellation "Ashiedu Keteke, Odom ni Amanfu, ana gme anaa te Ana te anaa gme", since it was recited unaccountable number of times at the ceremony.

The ceremony was crowned with a thanksgiving service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Accra High Street.

Source: Daily Guide