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17.04.2007 General News

‘Ama Ghana’ to work with street children


Lena Ama Acquah, 22, set out on a journey about three months ago with ten other ladies. It was a competitive journey for the title of the most beautiful lady in Ghana- as decided by TV3's audience.

Known during the period of the programme as Ama, she went through all the hoops and made it as 'Ghana's Most Beautiful', leading with about 30,000 votes more than her closet rival, the Volta region's Esinu.

Her consistent lead during the last weeks of the competition stamped her passport to victory, but her failure to recite the national pledge and her inability to answer some questions on the last day of the contest put a dampener on her victory.

Luckily, her walkover win had been signed sealed and delivered and majority of Ghanaians were in love with her affable nature.

She displayed her talents through acting and singing and her most favourite was the “Osofo Moko” (or fake priest) act which was curious, considering the fact that she dates a pastor.

Sunday, April 8, 2007 is a day Ama says she will never forget. But she doesn't want to relive it (save the fact that she won a car).

Explaining her second rate performance on the night of the finals, Ama said that the nerves got in the way and her tongue just got tied.

“I couldn't believe I wasn't able to say it. I know it (the national pledge).

“I've said it several times before I just don't know what happened. Can you believe that I was rushed to the hospital afterwards? All throughout the show, I had a serious heartburn and I felt like I was going to pass out.

So frayed were her nerves that she couldn't even eat on the day of the finals.

“Even when I was doing the “Osofo Moko” enactment, I cut it short because I was out of energy,” Ama says.

Source: JIVE