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17.04.2007 General News

Nduom ready to resign

By myjoyonline
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Public Sector Reform Minister, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom announced yesterday his preparedness to step down from his enviable ministerial position as a sacrifice for the benefit of the country.

The Minister explained that he had made critical proposals to President J.A Kufuor to effect some major changes in the ministry for public sector reform, all in the interest of the country; but in order to prevent the said proposals from being misconstrued as an avenue to satisfy his parochial interest, whims and caprices, he would prefer to sacrifice his ministerial position.

The Minister said he had proposed that the Minister of Public Sector Reform be transformed into the Ministry for Public Service. "In case, this is seen by some as lobbying in public for personal gain… I have also suggested to the President that I would prefer that he does this and appoints someone else to head it than for me to remain Minister of Public Sector Reform," Dr Nduom stated yesterday.

Explaining the need for the Ministry of Public Service rather than a Ministry for Public Sector Reform, Dr Nduom said, "there is a real critical need for a permanent organisation that in addition to managing the reform programme, will ensure that service delivery becomes a regular feature in the public services and for standard administrative practices to be implemented and maintained."

Speaking on the Public Sector Reform with an emphasis on Civil Service Reform, he said one important method the MPSR has chosen to implement sustained reforms is by refocusing the mandate and structure of the Civil Service. This, he said, would build the capacity to provide a timely and productive service to the executive branch of government, particularly advisory support to Ministers of State and Presidency.

Dr Nduom lamented that in the recent past, influential members of the international community convinced African countries that there should be a fundamental shift from the State to the Private Sector.

He said attempts were made to privatize essential services while the public services were starved of the investment needed to build human capital and institutional strength.

The Minister said in the process, rich human resources were lost in the Civil Service as it was not considered a good place for employment.

Source: The Crusading Guide