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17.04.2007 General News

House of Chiefs boss under fire

By myjoyonline

The Anlo Traditional Council has re-affirmed a decision it took earlier to the effect that the President of the National House of Chiefs, Odeneho Gyapong Ababio, should step down over what they term "his open bias towards the people of Anlo, and his ignorance of chieftaincy matters."

Odeneho Gyapong Ababio and one Lawyer Chris Ackumey, who claimed to be the spokesperson for some chiefs of Anlo have courted the wrath and displeasure of the people of Anlo in the Volta Region over comments they are deemed to have made over chieftaincy affairs in the area.

According to the angry Anlo chiefs, none of the chiefs in the Anlo Traditional Council has appointed Chris Ackumey as their spokesperson, and so they view his statement as one made on a personal mission couched in mischief to satisfy his own whims and caprices.

At the Anlo Traditional Council meeting last Friday to deliberate on various matters including the statements attributed to Odeneho Ababio, and the man they describe as self-styled spokesperson, they condemned the statement by the two and urged all well meaning Ghanaians to take those comments with a pinch of salt.

According to the council, all the chiefs in the area fall under one paramountcy with Regent Togbui Sri III, as the Acting President, and Mr. Napoleon Agboada, the Stool Secretary, who simultaneously serves as the spokesperson.

They thus urged the people to ignore Mr. Chris Ackumey's comments on the basis that, he has no locus on matters of the area, and is only engaged in attempts to discredit the council and its leadership.

"We have not mandated Chris Ackumey to be our spokesperson. He has his own agenda to discredit the council and the regent for his selfish interests. We want to ask all the good citizens of the nation to treat all his tantrums with the greatest contempt," the chiefs declared.

This declaration was arrived at after the chiefs analysed the comments of Mr. Ackumey, which they noted needs to be looked at.

The meeting, which was chaired by Togbui Hor II, Makorsor of Somey Traditional Area, was attended by Togbui Dorglo Anumah IV, of Avenor Traditional Area, the Paramount Chief of Aflao, Togbui Fiti IV, Togbui Tu Agbalekpor of Ave-Xevi, Mr. Napoleon Agboada, the Stool Secretary, with representatives of Togbui Addo IV, Chief of Klikor, Togbui Adrakpanya of Afipe and a host of others.

At the meeting, the activities of the year were reviewed and the chiefs pledged their unflinching support to the Regent whom they described as "Redeemer and Development man" to continue with his good works.

They, however, reiterated that they would not fold their arms to allow miscreants to twist the arms of the people, but would vigorously crusade for the truth to preserve, promote and protect the sanctity of the Anlo Traditional Area.

They fumed at the aspersions cast against the regent by Mr. Ackumey and those by President of the National House of Chiefs.

Earlier, the Stool Secretary, Napoleon Agboada, had issued a press statement, which was affirmed at the meeting.

In his press statement, he expressed profound shock and dismay over the innuendos cast at the regent to the effect that his continued stay in office is exacerbating the disputes in the Anlo State among others.

"We want to state ... in unambiguous terms that there is no time limit for the regency and there is no chieftaincy dispute also in the Anlo state as far as we are concerned," he said.

According to Napoleon Agboada, it is untenable that the President (Gyapong Ababio) who is supposed to know much about the affairs of every community could demonstrate his ignorance and show open hatred towards Regent Sri, who has transformed the Anlo State.

He wondered how Odeneho Gyapong Ababio could draw a conclusion before contacting the other party for their side of the story.

"By this action, it is clear that Nana Ababio has shown his biases in the matter and has prejudiced the issue, an indication that he cannot adjudicate this matter fairly," he stressed and called on him to leave the matter for the people of Anlo to decide.

On the reported petition, Mr. Agboada reiterated that, those few disgruntled individuals or groups who claim to have petitioned Nana Ababio's office have no rights to the matter except to embark on egoistic trips to discredit the regent.

"They have no right as far as the selection, nomination and installation of Awoamefia is concerned. It is the preserve of the Royal Adzovia clan, of which Regent Sri is a bona fide member, and qualifies to ascend to the throne," he stated.

Stating that the Anlo Traditional Council is vehemently opposed to the setting up of a committee to delve into the matter, the Stool Secretary underscored the fact that there was no division or conflict in the Anlo State, and those pronouncements to that effect were the figment of the imagination of the disgruntled elements who want to hijack the State for their parochial interest.

"We also want to make it clear that there is no vacancy on the Awoamefia Stool and that those over-zealous elements could create a stool for themselves if they so wish to become the King of the Anlo State. The regent has been performing his roles as mandated since his installation in 2003."

Mr. Agboada, recounted numerous development projects in the areas of education, health, agriculture, self-employment skills, all set up during these few years of the reign of Togbui Sri III.

The Council, however, warned that it would not take kindly to any miscreant who wants to create anarchy and throw the state into total confusion and lawlessness.

Credit: The Independent