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16.04.2007 General News

NPP asks fighting constituencies to reconcile


Following the recent troubles that have hit the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Greater Accra Region, the leadership of the party has banned all splinter groups within the party.

According to the party leadership, the springing up of such groups within the party is the cause of the conflict, which gained momentum in the Greater Accra Region last week.

"It has eaten very deep into the party orga¬nization and the national steering committee of the party has with immediate effect banned the splinter groupings in consultation with their leaders," The Chronicle quotes a source as saying.

The NPP leadership, according to the paper, identified the splinter groups in addition to lack of communication among the hierarchy of the party members, as the bane of the party, leading to the recent imbroglio.

The Chronicle says it gathered that after a long crisis meeting last week, the party hierarchy, led by Peter Mac Manu, the national chair¬man, has banned Greater Accra Organizers Association, Greater Accra Women's Organizers Association (GOWAC), Association of Constituency Secretaries, Association of Constituency Chairmen, Association of 1st vice and second vice chairmen among others.

According to the paper, the party executives paid special atten¬tion to four constituencies over their alarming problems and asked the feuding parties to reconcile. A communiqué is to be issued to that effect.

The four constituencies that were identified were: Hon. Theresa Amerley Tagoe's Ablekuma South; Ablekuma North, Tema East and Ledzokuku.

The leadership pointed out that it would be untenable to just throw away the concerns raised by the executives, using article 10 •of the party's constitution and have there¬fore indicated their preparedness to settle the disputes on case by case basis, hence the need to smoke the peace pipe.

The paper also gathered that though the Tema East executives have smoked the peace pipe with their MP, Hon. Ishmael Ashitey, the party leadership underscored the need to delve into the matter to unravel the problems and put them properly to rest.

All 27-constituency chairmen in the Greater Accra Region were in attendance with their MPs at the meeting, which our sources said was heated but held in open and frank discussions.

According to a party official, most of the nagging issues were identified to be the result of lack of communication among party mem¬bers and the executives, which has undermined frequent meetings.

Though the affected MPs were asked to reconcile with their con¬stituency executives, as the leader¬ship takes another look into the matter in the supreme interest of the party, the party stated that there was the need to establish a council of elders within each constituency so that matters affecting the party could easily be resolved.

It was gathered that after the heated discussion, the general sec¬retary Nana Ohene-Ntow has been mandated to issue the communiqué to what they said was a far reaching decision in the interest of the party.

This paper has also gathered that MPs within the Greater Accra Region have petitioned the national secretariat of the party, accusing the Mr. Sammy Crabbe-led regional executives of being the cause of the party's recent debilitating matters.

That issue also came up for dis¬cussion at the meeting, but it was not clear at the time of going to press the actual position the leader¬ship had taken on the matter.

In recent times, the party in the region has witnessed some political in-fight¬ing, culminating in violent clashes.

Some polling station chairmen passed a resolution, suspending some of their executives, while in another Constituency, an MP together with some executives sacked the other party executives and all these matters were serious¬ly discussed.

In their resolution, the polling station executives of Ablekuma South Constituency said they had 'passed a vote of no confidence in the entire Ablekuma South Constituency Executive Committee, since the constituency executive committee under Article 2 section 1-3 have abused our rights seriously.'

According to them, their deci¬sion was taken in order to bring back the glorious days and win massively the 2008 election and subsequent District Assembly Elections.

The resolution further alleged that, the entire executives had failed to render what they termed as “a transparent account,” on the disbursement of 100 million cedis con¬trary to Article 4 section 7 (a) of the party's constitution, noting that as a result, their conduct was unbe¬coming of executives, into whose hands the party rested and that that act was tantamount to misconduct.

Stating that the executives failed to set up a Constituency Finance Committee as stipulated in Article 6 section 5 of the constitution, the 76 polling station chairmen claimed that instead of the party executives concentrating on how to organize the party from the various polling stations for the NPP to win most of the District Assembly elec¬tions, they rather embarked upon chasing Presidential aspirants, beg¬ging for monies and favours for themselves.

"They left the constituency and looked on while the opposition parties registered under-aged vot¬ers and others from other Constituencies. This resulted in the poor performance of the NPP can¬didates in the District Assembly elections," they pointed out.

According to them a gift of a corn mill and cash donation of 10 million cedis accompanying it had vanished.

Source: The Chronicle