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14.04.2007 General News

The cocaine trade masters

By Palaver

Some time ago, when K'4 was performing a duty at the official opening of a party office, the man, made a statement to the affect that the world had got to know the source of the cocaine trade.

although all is not over yet; at least the latest victims caught red handed in the deal by the Americans, have given as some indication as to the group involved in the trade.

And, the boys believe K'4 is also following affairs in the court there.

The first man, the son of an NPP bank-roller, has been 'sent inside” prison, to spend quite a there, for his character to be reformed or remoulded.

The second is a former NPP MP, who has now confessed to his crime and now awaits his conviction.

Meanwhile, the son of an NPP “half-envoy” is involved in a cocaine case, which the boys believe is being 'killed” from above.

So, in which direction is the due pointing at?

There we go again…

Another story, which is bound to create more confusion in the minds of men, now that the current energy crisis in the country has emerged.

This time it is the Board of Directors of the African Development found, which has approved a loan of $22 million, in favour of Ghana and $26 million, in favour of Benin to connect the power grids between Ghana-Togo-Benin.

The project, it is said seeks to reduce POVERTY (caps own) in the ECOWAS region, through increased access to modern energy services…

What a story!

Is it the connection of grids that will solve the power crisis or the generation of the power, itself, which is the cause of the headache?

By the way, is Togo not interest in the loan or it is going to enjoy the facility free.

Of what use is a pipe-line to the people, if water does not flow in it?

Let's wait for the next essay. Words alone can't heal our wounds.