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14.04.2007 General News

Division for division sake?-Ghana at 50, with 20 regions!

By Palaver

Although the boys are not against any of the moves towards the decentralization in the governance of the country, they can hardly find any justifiable reason to double the present number of regions.

To them, the idea coming from a university teacher is most surprising.

They claim that although the creation of the two upper regions brought us problem, it took the might of Kwame Nkrumah to create the Brong Region, matters would go hay-wire, if an attempt is to be made to divide, for example, the large Ashanti Region again.

Sure, that will create a traditional problem, since the Ashanti would consider such a move at one that will break up their 'Kingdom”.

Even the citing of another capital to rival the status of Kumasi, in the eyes of a typical traditional, can draw blood.

Position plus responsibility Position plus responsibility

Has the Headmaster a substitute chairman of the African Union not heard about the latest events in Somalia, when the Ethiopian solders, allegedly urged on by the infamous American C.I.A, have been committing atrocities, maiming civilians and all?

Is the man going to 'chop” his post merely relaxing in posh hotels and attending anniversary? No.

There are the Darfur and Somali problems, which need urgent attention.

Thanks to diplomatic skills by other colleagues of his, the Cote d'Ivoire crisis is abating, through a settlement plan in Burkina Faso in which Ghana was not part of it.

In any case, the boys will be glad to know the views of K'4, the chief democrat, in the loaming crisis in Nigeria, where his friend has subjected him to a “419” deal, in an electricity power supply arrangement, which never worked.

You see, our own “JJ”, when faced with a problem with his Vice. And K'4 says his predecessor is no democrat.

Rather, he considers the man in Anagoland, as being the finest of democrats. This is why the boys will love to hear his comments on the political ban, there, with shouts of 'No Court, No Court”, all over the place.