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14.04.2007 General News

Ghanaian Business Team For Ghana

By Palaver

Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited is organizing the second foreign business trip for its local Business Club members. About 100 out of the 2,700 membership are leaving for China, this month.

They include Medium Scale Enterprises (SME), who are receiving banking products and services solutions from Barclays.

While there, they will attend the Canton Fair reputed to be the biggest fair in the world.

Addressing the media, Ms Eunice Sylvia Yamson Nkansah, Manger, Local Business said the aim of the trip is to provide members the opportunity to meet suppliers, manufacturers, investors and overseas buyers.

She added that it will also expose them to first hand business conduct and practice in context of their culture from which they will learn best practice.

According to Ms Nkansah, the trip will open doors to endless opportunity such as franchises, representation, agencies, partnerships and foreign direct investment in Ghana all of which will feed into the development of the private sector which is widely acknowledge as the engine of growth.

Whilst in China, Barclays Ghana will arrange for the Business Club members to meet with leading operators of China's private and some state bodies charged with the responsibility of facilitating private sector participation n China's/economy.

Mr. Elly Odhong; Retail Director of the bank noted that the trip affirms she bank's commitment to the development of the private sector.

He observed that being the leading and most attractive emerging market in the world, the bank is of the view that the trip will offer the business club some exciting insights into how China attained its present status.