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14.04.2007 General News

Arrogant—Crazy Baldhead—Useless—-Empty head

By Palaver

That Is What Ghanaians Think Of K. T. Hammond

Deputy Energy Minister K.T. Hammond rubbished suggestions that the opposition National Democratic Congress had alternative solutions to offer the nation on the current energy crisis on a Joy FM radio programme last week.

He said the NDC should better keep their solutions to themselves if people like Dr. Kwame Ampofo were party to the so-called solutions.

Reacting to suggestions by Dr. Kwame Ampofo, MP for South Dayi and an Energy expert on Joy FM's morning programme, Super Morning Show, the Deputy Minister said the NDC's supposed solutions were hollow and full of mere pontificating, and he was not surprised because the likes of Dr. Ampofo made inputs to the solutions.

He said Dr. Ampofo was bankrupt in energy ideas and Professor John Evans Atta-Mills would have done better if he had written his statement all by himself.

The furore that these comments created is typified in the following comments on the Internet by Ghanaians both at home and abroad. The comments have been slightly edited to tone down the insults and to make for clarity.

“Kufuor don't sack him yet

We know this man has exposed your government's incompetence and the institutional arrogance that is spreading like wild fire top to down. But please don't sack him because it just will not be fair when these characteristics of incompetence and arrogance are almost across board. Again we already knew NPP had nothing to offer so we are not too disappointed. -APPIILOLO

Talk is cheap

The problem with some of our politicians is that they claim to have all the solutions to our problems. We must be careful as a people and avoid following those who are expert critics. Talk is cheap! -JB

Ghanaians are discerning

How do you advise with verbal abuse and denigration? It is very obvious that the intent was not to advice but to score cheap political points. Ghanaians are discerning -Mawutor

This is rubbish Mr. Deputy

Mr. Deputy, this is the reason why Ghana has fallen into pieces. If you are a good politician, you should have known that opposition always criticize. You must think well and reverse your statement because we cannot develop as a nation if we choose to do things the way we like it because the power is in our hands. I am an NPP supporter but I don't agree with you please. NPP have disgraced Kufuor because economic foundation cannot be laid without electricity. People have lost their work. What is happening NPP? —ABEBS

The name of this disease is Arroganclosis

This disease contracted by a world traveller who has made it a point to use the proceeds of the sweat and toil of miserable Ghanaians to travel to achieve his childhood ambition. Unfortunately the disease is rather spreading fast within NPP. We should do all we can to eradicate this before the whole nation is affected. Mr. Hammond please deal with yours because it's becoming acute. -Nana O

Wise KT!

No wonder we are suffering. This imbecile gets chance to be a minister whilst I am unemployed. Then we have a tsunami banker who says Ashaiman exports mosquitoes to Accra! Kufuor we suffer give you!!! -Abe

I wonder what KT knows about energy

K.T. I understand is a lawyer by profession and wonder he has become an energy minister who won't listen to the ideas of other people. Or maybe because he's got a generator in his house he doesn't feel the effect of sleeping in the dark that's why he's being so arrogant and won't listen. -Nana

Ignorant fool

He better come up with ideas fast because small businesses cannot stay in the dark for long, dumb ass. -Kay

Energy system

Mr. K.T. Hammond should be pinned down by the president. How can he discuss a national problem like his domestic issue? What a disgrace!! -Kofi A.G.

When would the black man wake up?

Is that how you develop a nation? I feel sad for Ghana. -Serwaa, Kumasi

Some ministers

I wonder how a whole minister could talk like this to a whole nation at this time when we are in such a crisis. It would have been very wise and sensible to welcome the NDC's advice. No wonder, they have generators in their garages, but always remember God is watching you. -Nyamekye

NPP wont need NDC

It will be an abysmal display of ignorance and immaturity if the NPP would stoop so low to take advice from the NDC on the present energy crisis. Allah forbid! -Hamidu

Empty bald head

The issue is how to solve the energy problem. Mr. Minister two heads are better than one. The empty bald head of yours cannot solve Ghana's energy crisis now. What we need is collective wisdom from all. Shameless Minister. -Agyemang


I think I completely agree with T. K. Hammond. If those men had any solutions, they would have solved this problem when they were in power. -Appilolo

1st degree incompetence

Please K.T. Hammond, 'He who knows not but thinks that he knows is ignorant. Why such arrogance? That is why we are still in the dark. They are all like that -pm dawn

NDC leave NPP alone

NDC should leave NPP alone. When Kwame Nkrumah built the Akosombo and when they came to power, what did they do to maintain the dam? Now that we are having problem, they are talking about helping the government to solve it. Araba

Display of arrogance

What empty headed arrogance these NPP idiots are showing us? They are ruining the economy yet they will not even listen to advice. -Kabila

Useless Minister

Look at your age and listen to yourself. Your arrogance won't help anyone so for Christ sake listen to others and stop the display of your arrogance. Shallow minded minister.


Energy Crisis

It saddens my heart that anytime the main opposition party will comment on issues affecting the nation, they always try to use that platform to promote their selfish and political agenda. This attitude is not helping the nation. Please NDC, I will urge you to be patriotic for a moment, and offer your advice devoid of partisan politics, since the issue of energy is a national subject. -Sir Gambrah


I wonder whether he retracted his earlier statement after pressure from other parties. Why can't Ghanaians be their own “man”? Stand for what you believe in and not what other people tell you to believe. Hon. K.T. Hammond, when I first heard the statement I gave you lots of respect, but now its back to where it was before. Zero. Thanks. -Andrew

NDC energy gurus

Which of these so called energy brains has been able to develop electricity for himself and his community? -Nana Adjei

Empty Barrel (2)

K.T. Hammond, this is for free and is from the Good Book: “Give Instruction To A Wise Man And He will Be Yet Wiser.” (Proverbs 9:9). Master, please wise up! -Papa Kwasi-Tema

Display of Arrogance?

I do not perhaps express the matter too strongly to say that KT Hammond's effusions are the most snobbish load of claptrap I have ever read which made me sick mentally. Hammond should know that it pays to listen to even the mentally deranged, as his effusions have made me, for in so doing at least you learn to avoid the mistakes of the speaker. He sounded like arrogance incorporated. May he have a nice day! -Halm

NPP is incompetent

If Hammond claimed what Prof. Mills said about the energy crises under NPP was lies, then prove to the nation what the solutions are and stop being arrogant and silly. I think it is better for the NPP to seek advice from NDC. -Benjillo

Arrogance Kills

Ghanaians should not be surprised. I believe that this country is so politically polarized that this energy crisis would surely be another year long event. Moreover, listening to this Energy Minister (who for all you know knows practically nothing about the situation we're in) one gets the feeling that what they (Government) do all day long is lounge in their offices and await comments from the “other side” for rebuttals. The “Golden Age” of business indeed!!!! -Akwetey Ofori


It is this arrogance of the highest order that will send them back to the bush come 2008!!! They have not done anything so far to increase energy supply. When offered help, they are rubbishing it. -DK

Are you sure you are the deputy energy minister?

K.T. Hammond come again. What have you against Dr. Ampofo? Shame on you! Accept suggestions so that the nation can move on. Again shame on you! -Okponglo

NDC to forget it?

It amazes me when these so called “highly educated” leaders who are bankrupt of ideas fail to utilise the advice of people who have had a great of experience and success in running the energy sector of the country previously unlike the current government. I would advise the current administration to listen to divergent views with the aim of taking decisions that are in the best interest of the nation. We need to set our priorities right as a nation rather building presidential palaces and blowing millions of dollars on stupid celebrations while the country is plunged into darkness! -Adam-Navrongo

NPP prove to the people that you can otherwise—

Mr. Minister, I suggest you are not supposed to say this statement if you call yourself a democratic nation. In America when problems arise, the opposition with the majority work together.

As my party leader I would prefer if you could say it in more pleasant ways because I don't trust NDC.

They could have solved this problem long time ago if they had solution for our energy crises. They are just using it for election campaigns. You must prove to the people that you care please. All the Best NPP! -Daniel

We are doomed

With this kind of people in power we are finished. Arrogance, I blame Rawlings for handing over power to this kind of people who think democracy is about winner takes it all. For God's sake this is a national crisis! Please you don't own Ghana. We voted to 'loan' you leadership just for a while. What a disaster!!!!!! -KD

Another bull from Joy

You would think Joy would publish the minister's response to Tony Aidoo's lies —No, NDC owned Joy would rather leave that out of their report. Shame -Meka

God is watching you

Why doesn't so-called KT Hammond say so, because almost half the NPP Ministers are corrupt. Because they want to steal our money that is why they don't want any advice from the opposition party NDC. But they should not forget our great God is watching them. –Ato-Ajumako Biseasi

An exposition of sheer ignorance

I find it very difficult to understand the reason why a whole deputy minister should character assassinate an individual from an opposition party who wholeheartedly offers a hand in solving the nation's energy nightmare. It must be categorically stated here that the nation now needs a common united family not a divided one as Mr. K.T. Hammond is indirectly proposing. God Bless Ghana. -Richard Gyimah

Oh oh Ghana

This is the case of a human peacock lack of intelligence. If people gray and stupid like KT are Ministers who take partisan stance on such a national issue, then Ghana our beloved country is doomed forever. -Nii Darku

Solve the problem, not attacking personality

I was ashamed to hear two mature members of Ghanaian political parties attacking each other, using insulting abusive language on Joy FM this morning. How can we develop @50 if the people who play an active role in the democracy do not respect the views of each other? I am sorry, may God save our mother land Ghana. -Jacob Ankrah, Legon.

Joy is for NDC!!!

I don't understand why Joy FM should allow Dr. Aidoo to contribute to the programme. I now believe the Minister because Dr. Ampofo is not good to match the likes of even KT Hammond let alone the big elephants— I thought Dr. Aidoo was going to give advice but rather insulted the Minister. Grow up Dr. Aidoo and stop criticising people's grammar— Kofi Wayo is the solution t our energy problem -Patrick Amofah- Ketu South

This old man needs retirement

That's what happens if we have a batch of old grandfathers in government. His brains are ticking ding dong. Common sense, he lacks. -Rosie

What is the Minister talking about?

What is the Minister talking about? He thinks he has got all the wisdom on this earth to solve national crises (energy problem). If he thinks he is brilliant, why are we still in darkness? Shameless Minister -Kwame

Are we learning at all?

I don't think we learn as a people. We don't plan for anything. -Kojo-London

Energy crisis solution

The Minister must be a little bit flexible. Two heads are better than one as the old adage goes. Opposition are not there to oppose alone. Come on, take the advice, meet with your people and analyse it and see the good and wrong part before you come out with such a selfish statement. When will Africa politics grow? –Papa Sam, USA

NPP Wont need NDC Advice?

This Minister is simply arrogant. Anyway, does the power crisis manifest itself in any party colour be it NDC or CPP? Pride, they say, goes before a fall. The animal that visited the NDC in 2000 has started knocking at the door of the NPP this time round as well. It's only politicians who don't learn from history. -Komla Atta, Austin TX

Some Minister!

Mr. Hammond please stop the arrogance right now. What is wrong with advice from the NDC? You have been there for a long time but we are still in this trouble and you are personalising this issue with Dr. Ampofo.

When you have to listen, be listening to all the opinions being said because its not NPP we are talking about. Its about Ghana. The sad thing is that Kufuor knows he will never pay for water, electricity, fuel as long as he lives. He will even have a plant to provide him power if the dam is shut down and most of you NPP guys have generators.

Have you thought about the poor Ghanaian who pays 400% tariff increases and pays taxes to take case of bills you make too? The NPP is the most insensitive Government this country has seen in its history. Minister, please listen more and talk less because with all the degrees, you have not solved our problem. Listen to the ordinary Ghanaian who pays his bills. -Kofi

Forget it! NPP won't need NDC energy advice? K.T Hammond

This old man, K.T. Hammond, is believed to have a lot of knowledge but he displayed ignorance in handling Atta's solutions to the energy crisis.

This problem is for us all. We can see it filifily that you people are joking with our lives by saying anything at all to settle us. We know everything. That was the best Atta has for us.

I expect you to extract the ideal ideas put across for forward movement. But you started playing politics with all the good ideas that Atta mentioned. Why playing with Ghanaians lives? Hammond and his people must be careful. -Juogy-Japan

Pot calling the Kettle Brainless

Is this not a case of the Pot calling the Kettle brainless? The country should ask Hammond what improvement he has brought to Energy or indeed any achievement in life -John Ampofo


Clearly, we can see here that there are two streams of people – those tackling issues and those talking ajar – Dr. Tony has clearly stated that when the NDC were faced with a similar problem, they did implement their contingency arrangement and mitigated the issue. This is a clear example of people who solve issues and not just make noise. KT Hammond is just making noise and rubbish statements whiles my parents, brothers and sisters continue to sleep in darkness. I pray things turn around but we really have to be proactive – 8 years in government and absolutely nothing in terms of energy policy is very worrying -Kings


No wonder he talks like that, a minister who does not know what goes on in his own ministry. -Quashie

Forget it! NPP won't need NDC

Look at these people!! They have started blaming one another. No foresight. Oh God intervene!!!!!! -KIMA

Look at this man

This man knows nothing; he knows how to apportion blame. Now he is telling us to wait until the end of August. He is such an ignorant person and he claims he is lawyer, a person who cannot even express himself well. -Kofi

Only Fools Don't take Advise

This Minister and NPP are becoming too arrogant. That is what happens when they over-siphon our money. -Ernest

NPP is the name; Arrogance is the game

Only six years or so in power and sheer arrogance be what? Hammond I think you are forgetting something but thank God the good people of Ghana will soon remind you. -J.Y. Ntim, Toronto

These people are arrogant

Ghana is not for NPP nor NDC alone. It is for all of us. So please it is about time you people put politics aside and see to the needs of poor Ghanaians since you do not know how it feels to be in blackout because you do not experience it. –Tom Sawyer


Yea, if he was so smart and competent we will not be in the mess we are now. Can't even produce enough energy for our country and you call yourself a minister. -Tsatsu


Where were the so called experts in energy from the NDC when we had the same power crisis in 1984-85, if they had the ideas why couldn't they have it fixed, we would not have had the same situation today.

They should go back to sleep and leave the NPP to do the best they can. Was that not even worse than what we have now, did any one blame Rawlings for the shortage of water in the dam?

It's rather unfortunate that a whole Prof, more so a learned one to put the blame of low level of water in the dam on President Kufuor. God bless Ghana. -S.L.Y. B, GH

Empty barrel

My dear Minister, he who knows not, and knows that he knows not is a problem, if you know what I mean. –Osei Wusu

How can Ghana develop?

If you won't buy the ideas of the opposition, how can you develop as a nation? This energy crisis is not a political issue and we need the input of all including the NDC. Long live Ghana and NDC. -Carl (Netherlands)