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14.04.2007 General News

Energy Crisis Will Destroy NPP- Kwaku Baako

By Ghanaian Lens

Says NPP May Be Lying That They Have Added 50 Megawatts To The Energy Stock

Samuel Kwaku Baako, the Editor-in-chief cum publisher of the Crusading Guide, may have given up on his undiluted support for the NPP, and made by far, his most critical statement against the moribund government of President Kufuor.

Kwaku Baako, who could not hide his disgust at the way Joseph Addah, the confused Energy Minister, peddled outright untruth at the hurriedly put together press conference to respond to Prof Mills's cogent analysis of the debilitating energy crisis, talked tough about his government last Saturday.

Speaking on Joy FM's current affairs programme, Newsfile, the quintessential leader of the almost defunct coffee shop mafia, stated categorically that the NPP government is certain to end up with its face flat on the floor if it does not find a very comprehensive way of handling the energy crisis that is not only suffocating the economy, but killing the average Ghanaian.

According to Kwaku Baako, in spite of the gains that he thinks the NPP government has chalked, he would not be surprised if the NPP gets drowned in the energy crisis considering the way the President and his ministers are dancing around the issue in a very unacceptable manner.

“The NPP has to be very careful because this energy matter can collapse the government” Kwaku Baako said.

Still on the crippling energy crisis, Kwaku Baako, took issue with the Energy Minister over lots of the information that the minister put out at his press conference.

At the hurriedly put together press conference, Joseph Addah, in trying to spin yarns about how the NPP was doing its best to solve the energy crisis, mentioned the existence of some audit report about the Strategic Reserve Plant (SRP), on which over $35 million of the taxpayers money was wasted.

According to a very livid Kwaku Baako, he knows for a fact that there exists no such audit report relating to the SRP, and that he challenges Joseph Addah to make public the report if indeed any such report exists.

Not stopping at challenging the Minister's assertion that there exists an audit report on the SRP, Kwaku Baako asked his fellow journalists to pin the Minster to the wall to produce the report to back his statement with documentary proof.
Of course we all know that Kwaku Baako's other name is “Mr. Documents” and so it is not surprising that he is asking the Energy Minister to produce documentary evidence.

Kwaku Baako, who to all intents and purposes, was prepared to strip the Energy Minister naked obviously because the latter took a swipe at Dr. Wereko Brobbey, said that he does not believe that the information with regard to the 50 megawatts of power that has been added to the energy stock, is factual.

At the hurriedly put together press conference, the Energy Minister told Ghanaians that his government, via some generators that had been installed at the Tema, was already firing and had added 50 megawatts to the country's energy stock.

According to Kwaku Baako, he has “documents” and facts that have it that Joseph Addah was concealing the truth when he told Ghanaians that all was on course with regard to solving the energy crisis and that the additional 50 megawatts of electricity was the beginning of good tidings of great joy.

In everyday language, what Kwaku Baako sought to say was that, just like the President lied to Ghanaians when he said that the problem would be solved in a “fortnight”, so was the Energy Minister lying to Ghanaians when he said that his ministry had brought 50 megawatts of power on stream.

Kwaku Baako is not one to criticize the NPP government so for him to throw caution to the wind and expose the untruths that Joseph Adda put out, is ample testimony of the fact that the energy crisis has gotten out of hand as well as the fact that Ghanaians are sick and tired of the lies and prepared to call a spade a spade because of the insincere timelines that are being set, and the untrue stories that President Kufuor and his NPP are telling.