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12.04.2007 Feature Article


You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and no matter how hard the leopard tries to hide its identity, its spots will betray it.

After being branded as a poodle and being seen to always kowtow to the whims and caprices of the tyrant and vaulting ambitions Rawlings, a man that can be best described as a walking contradiction, and the power brokers within the NDC, recent interventions has seen the former veep and law professor attempt to desperately assert his independence and save his face. How far has he been able to disentangle himself from Rawlings' clutches? Will he ever?

There have been ridiculous press conferences upon press conferences, all in a bid to get him heard, and to be seen to be a man of himself. Try as he does, these perceived image redeeming events, rather end up in a confirmation that he is not a man of his own.

The inaccuracies and falsities he most often churn out make me sit and wonder if this was the former number two man of the land, and a professor at that. Was the government that presided over the worst situation Akosombo has gone (1983/84) not the tradition that the professor is part of? In calling for personal responsibility at himself or his mentor, Rawlings? Or was it jus tot say (to quote Ambassador Gbeho) “how high should I jump” as per Jerry's orders to say something?

It was the US Exim Bank that supported Ghana with 294 million dollars to start the Osagyefo Barge and not Japan as claimed by the learned professor. The facility was even withdrawn and it was the NPP Government that secured it later through the Japanese assistant. What a blatant lie, oh Prof? Was the very barge being referred to not even left to rot in Italy by the erstwhile NDC government?

Where were all Atta Mill's energy experts during the crisis periods in the PNDC/NDC era (1983/84, 85, 98, 99)? Who says we are looking for experts? We are looking for alternatives. They should put their alternatives in the public domain for public scrutiny-that is if they have any.

Will suggestions as say, giving tax respites or cut offs to importers of generators and businessmen to make them break even a bit not have been a more welcome idea from a professor perceived as “Asomdwoehene”? Did it not take them nine years (1986-1995) to put the first unit on the thermal plant into service?

Let it be sounded home to the law professor, former number two man of the land, former chairman of the economic management team, etc that we, Ghanaians, and the world know him. We know that he speaks and act at the beck and call of Rawlings (perhaps he is the unofficial spokesman of Rawlings). Rawlings is fed up with his pretentious peaceful demeanour, hence his call on professor Mills to rise up and do something or remain as such forever.

However, in Professor Mills' bid to prove to his master that he is equal to the task, he ends up embarrassing and making mockery of himself. Did I hear that he has paid a visit to the Akosombo Dam site? What prevented him from going to assess at first hand the true state of affairs there before making his unimpressive and uninformed press conference? I do not recall hearing or reading of the former number 2 man ever embark on a similar visit to the VRA during his term, correct me if I'm wrong!

My advice to the Professor is that he should be himself and stop these latter day fake pretences. At best, he is an old wine in a new wineskin. The NDC, and Rawlings, for that matter should leave him alone to act like he truly is because no matter how well you bathe the pig, it will still get itself immersed in mud water. Can't you see that try as he does, his composure and outlook betray him?

Please, leave Mills alone because you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!!


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