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12.04.2007 General News

He Was My First Love

I love my ex-boyfriend more than anything in this world. He was my first love, and we were together for two years. I am 22 and he is 26.

Now, he is with another girl. I didn't want to believe it at first. I wanted to believe his lies that he loved me, and I fought so hard to be with him.

I just called his house recently and she answered. I am so upset. I feel like the world is ending, and if I can't be with him, I don't think I can be with anyone else. I miss him bad.

Augusta, Accra

Dear Augusta, if he is with another girl, what do you think you must do? Find yourself another boy of course. I am surprised you can't see that this relationship isn't the right one for you. My dear, if it were, you'd still be in it.

So stop killing yourself with worries that there is only one love for you out there. I believe there is someone out there waiting to love you.

Remember you can't find him if your are holed up in your room crying over a man who has no time for you and is having a great time with another woman.

I must admit humans have the ability to deeply love any person they choose to. We may have a stronger, intimate connection with some, but it doesn't mean it can only happen once.

Baby gal, know that your special someone is out there, and when you're ready you will find him. Just sit tight and have faith in yourself.