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12.04.2007 General News

My Men Do Not Respect Me

I am 25 and I am yet to have a stable relationship. I don't seem to be happy in any of my retionships because the men I date don't seem to understand me, listen to me, or find me interesting.

And for some reason they end up always talking kind of down to me - like I'm not smart enough. Guys I date are treating me like I'm stupid. What do I do about this?

Worried girl, Asokwa

Dear Worried girl, maybe you are giving them reasons to believe you are stupid. Do I think that you are doing something to portray yourself as a not-so-intelligent woman? I don't know. But I doubt it.

I'm sure it's all related to what you truly think about yourself and how you react in response to that belief. Change your beliefs.

You can't force people and for that matter the men you date to respect you. You have to earn their respect and you can do this by having absolute control over what you will allow others to do or not do to you.

You make the rules. Not others. Teach others how to treat you. And command R-E-S-P-E-C-T!