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12.04.2007 General News

Spruce Or Strip

The strong wave of patriotism that surged in nearly every Ghanaian as the climax of the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations approached, found expression in the display of the national colours.

The days before March 6 saw the country awash in red, gold, green and black in an unprecedented manner.

Professional decorators and perhaps all who felt any inkling towards design busily and beautifully draped buildings, trees and all sorts of structures in the national colours. Buntings and flags of all sizes were unfurled everywhere.

It appeared individuals and corporate bodies were willing to dole out reasonable amounts of money to demonstrate the art and finesse they possess.

In fairness, one can say that some of the decorations were truly comely. It was even suggested in some quarters that photos be taken and later exhibited of the very cute buntings and gigantic flags displayed across the country.

Some time has passed March 6 and our lack of maintenance culture is in full glare. The decorations have been at the mercy of the sun, dew, rain and wind and some are an eyesore now.

The nice things put out in front of banks, shops, homes and other places are longer pleasant to look. Some are torn, the colours have drained in others and others no longer symbolise pride in anything them but are all still hanging as if our level of patriotism is measured by how long they stay in place.

Our humble appeal to all the people who honourably put out flags, buntings and other decorations to herald the 50th Independence anniversary celebration is that they must spruce them up of remove them.