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11 April 2007 | Letters

Why Confuse The National Colours?

Dear Editor, It seems people are confusing the design and colours of the national flag.

We have learnt that the colours of the national flag are horizontal stripes of red, gold, green with a black star in the middle of the gold.

However, during the jubilee celebration some people replaced the gold colour with yellow which to me is bad. Others also joined the colours vertically and the result did not look like the Ghana Flag.

The designer of the flag, Mrs Theodosia Okoh made mention that the red stands for the blood of our forefathers, the gold for the mineral wealth of the country and green for our beautiful vegetation.

I don't understand why some people have changed the gold colour to yellow. When we do that we send wrong signals to people, especially foreigners who are in the country that any colour is acceptable.

The general public, especially those who produce various paraphernalia using the national colours must check this.

We are still in the anniversary mood and there are many tourists in the country. We must make sure that we use the right colours for them to know and identify Ghana with it.

Eve Andoh,
St Matin de Porres School,

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