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11.04.2007 Obituaries

Sad end of a nurse

By s said Silas managed to save Pappoe from Awuni but he (Pappoe) collapsed, falling heavily on the back.
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When Larry Isaac Pappoe, a psychiatric nurse, left London on March 29 for Ghana to bury his dead mother in Accra, little did he know that he was also going to end up dying in his home country.

Pappoe, 55, who works in London, died following a scuffle with a young man at Abeka Lapaz in the morning of last Tuesday, three days after he had buried his mother.

Pappoe, who was lodging at Santa Maria in Accra, reportedly met his death at a forex bureau at Abeka Lapaz, where he had gone to change some money.

Police sources said that on reaching the forex bureau, Pappoe, who was on medication for hypertension and diabetes, as a result of which he urinates at short intervals, left his son, Silas, in the bureau to find a place to urinate.

Hardly had he finished urinating at a rubbish dumpsite when a young man, Awudu Awuni, said to be the caretaker of the place, emerged to question him why he should urinate there.

Awuni was said to have demanded that Pappoe should pay a spot fine of ¢50,000 as punishment for the act but Pappoe refused to pay, arguing that there was no warning sign or notice to that effect.

In the ensuing misunderstanding, Awuni allegedly pushed Pappoe around the place while hitting on the head and chest with the hand.

Meanwhile, Silas who felt the father had rather kept long came out of the forex bureau to find him under Awuni's attack.

Sources said Silas managed to save Pappoe from Awuni but he (Pappoe) collapsed, falling heavily on the back.

He was rushed to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

A source at the Tesano Police Station told the Times that Awuni was arrested after the incident and charged with attempted murder. He has been remanded in police custody by an Accra Circuit Court for further investigations.
A medical report on the deceased, the source said, revealed that his heart and brain suffered severe injuries from the attack.

A family spokesman, Jonathan Aboagye, said Pappoe was scheduled to fly back to London a few days after the funeral.

He said Pappoe had been in London for the last seven years with the New Halm General Hospital in West London as his duty post before flying to Ghana for the mother's funeral.

His body is presently in the morgue while his funeral is being discussed.

Culled from the Ghanaian Times