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11.04.2007 General News

Goaso Catholic Youth condemn PM’s killing

By myjoyonline

The youth of the Catholic Diocese at Goaso have condemned the killing of the Presiding Member of the Asunafo North District, Mr. Anthony Yeboah-Boateng.

Yeboah-Boateng was set upon at Atronie on Easter Sunday by an irate youth who stoned him to death because he was carrying a corpse in his car.

The Diocesan youth said they received with shock and disgust the news of the killing of their “Mentor, friend and father”, who was also the administrator of the Goaso Government Hospital.

“The Diocesan Youth Council, particularly the executive, is completely devastated by this barbaric and wicked act purported to have been committed by the youth of Atronie town.

“We condemn this killing in no uncertain terms and call on the Police in Sunyani and Goaso to intensify the search for the youth who had mounted a barrier at Atronie on Easter Sunday and are suspected to have killed Mr. Yeboah-Boateng premeditatedly.”

The youth in a statement signed by Christian D. B. Mensah, Chairman of the Goaso Diocesan Youth Council also appealed to the Police Administration to provide all the necessary support to the Brong Ahafo Regional Police Command to carry out a massive search for the murderers.

“The Youth Council has every confidence in the Police to pursue and bring the murderers to justice.

“We however question the erection of barrier by the Youth of Atronie and wonder why the Chiefs and People of Atronie allowed it and indeed why the Police did not act swiftly to dismantle it until the unfortunate murder of Mr. Yeboah-Boateng.”

The Youth urged the Police to widen the scope of investigation and pursue every lead which might emerge in the course of the investigation into the matter.

“We therefore kindly request and encourage the general public especially Catholic Youth of Atronie, to lend their support to the Police in their search for the murderers.

“Finally, we express our sympathy to Mrs. Yeboah-Boateng, who was herself assaulted during the incidence and the family for the untimely death and painful loss of such a loving husband and father. We also express our condolence to the Goaso Catholic Church and indeed the entire Diocese of Goaso for the agonizing loss of a committed and dedicated Cathedral Church Council Vice President. Our condolence is also to the Goaso Government Hospital for the distressing loss of a distinguished Senior Health Administrator. We also sympathize with the Asunafo North District Assembly for the loss of an illustrious Honourable Presiding Member. May the Soul of Mr. Anthony Yeboah-Boateng Rest in Perfect Peace!