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10.04.2007 General News

Don’t Divert Attention From Energy Crisis — NDC Chairman

The office of the National Chairman of the National Democratic Çongress (NDC) has expressed surprise at what it terms, attempts of its opponents to divert attention from what he said was a debilitating energy crisis that the country is saddled with.

The office is also surprised at the failure of President Kufuor and his NPP government to honour the numerous promises to solve the problem.

This was contained in a press release issued after the party's family meeting held at the COCO Beach Hotel, at which several issues of concern to the party were discussed in an open, cordial and frank manner in furtherance of the party's adherence to democratic practice.

It stated that the way forward for the party was certainly the core subject of discussion, focusing on the urgent need to intensify their campaign efforts in response to the yearnings of Ghanaians to be rescued from the hardships imposed on them by the unfocused and insensitive leadership of President Kufuor and the incompetence of his NPP regime.

The statement continued “We observe that a section of the media that collaborates and sympathises with the NPP have taken bits and pieces of what they must have heard, and added their usual diabolical spin to suit their diversionary agenda."

“The leadership of the NDC wishes to inform the teeming supporters of the party that the words, phrases and statements that the pro-NPP media have attributed to certain NDC personalities emanate more from the figments of their imaginations than from what was actually said at the family meeting."

The leadership of the NDC also wishes to reassure members of the party that the front of the party remains more united than ever; that their party was even more poised for the forthcoming 2008 electoral victory, and that they should rather stay the course, desisting from being distracted by any vile propaganda until victory is won in December, 2008," it said.