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09.04.2007 General News

Anlo Traditional Council commends President Kufuor

By myjoyonline

The Anlo Traditional Council has commended President John Agyekum Kufuor for pursuing foreign policies aimed at promoting the interests of Ghana and Ghanaians.

"The council said it had observed with admiration the determination of the government to place Ghana and Ghanaians in the limelight of international relations.

Making the commendation on behalf of the council in an interview, the acting President of the council, Regent Togbui Sri Ill, cited for example, the appointment of Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas as the President of ECOWAS, Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah as the Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation and Prof AKua Kuenyehia as the Vice-Chairman of the International Criminal Court as some of the avenues opened to Ghanaians to serve the world.

“All these have come about as a result of the foreign policies of the government that is why the Anlo Traditional Council in particular cherishes the leadership style of President Kufuor," he emphasised.

Togbui Sri said the election of President Kufuor as the Chairman of the African Union (AU), coupled with the fact that he had served as ECOWAS Chairman underlined the qualities found in him as a true son of Ghana who, wanted Ghana and Ghanaians to take commanding heights at the international level.

He said another testimony to the prudent foreign policies of the government was the large chunk of funds allocated to Ghana under the US Millennium Challenge Account.

Tobui Sri appealed to the President to ensure transparency in the disbursement of the funds to the communities which were to benefit under the programme.

He said it was important that in disbursing the funds the Volta Region and especially the Anlo are receiving their fair share of projects.

He called on the government to involve traditional rulers in the disbursement in their areas so that beneficiaries and the communities would reap maximum benefits from the programme.

Togbui Sri said the focus of the disbursement must be both poverty alleviation and wealth creation to enable the beneficiaries to lead economically independent lives at the end of the project cycle.
On the local front, he commended President Kufuor for the successful organisation of the Golden Jubilee anniversary, especially the March 6 parades which united the country.

"The Anlo Traditional Council is proud, of President Kufuor and his achievements and the level of tolerance he has displayed towards both informed and uninformed criticism including open abuses.

This has helped the country to achieve a very positive image and reputation," he stated, adding, "The council thus supports the Government's ... to ensure the equitable and sustained development of the country.

Commenting on the energy crisis, Togbui Sri said the Anlo Traditional Council had the hope that with his qualitative leadership and the dynamic role he is playing on the African scene, President Kufuor can deal decisively with the energy crisis.

Culled from Daily Graphic