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08.04.2007 General News

Easter celebrations update - Koforidua


The Anglican Bishop of Koforidua, Rt Rev. Benjamin Francis Quashie has advised Ghanaians to learn that when people get into situations where human experience and knowledge cannot provide the solution to problems, they have to submit to God for divine guidance.

He explained that, human history had taught that at every historical moment, there was limitation to human experience and knowledge in relationship to problems that arose and needed solutions.

Bishop Quashie said Thomas, one of the Disciples of Jesus Christ did not believe that Jesus had risen when he was told because of his human experience but when Jesus appeared again before him later, he submitted to divine direction and called Jesus; “My Lord” and received the required blessing.

Bishop Quashie was delivering the Easter Sermon at the St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral at Koforidua on Easter Sunday.

He said despite the name calling which Thomas earned as a result of the experience, he never left the fold of the Disciples but continued to work with them and contributed a lot in the establishment of the early Christian Church.

Bishop Quashie therefore advised people who received divine gifts in their churches not to leave to establish their own church but use their gift to help build and develop their church as Thomas did.

Also in Koforidua, The Vice Chairman of the Church Council of the Great Commission Church International (GCCI), Rev Samuel Ansah observed that, if Christians formed 70 percent of the population of the country and a bill needed to be passed by Parliament to control violence at homes, then it proved that, there were domestic violent practices in Christian homes.

He therefore challenged the Christian community to pick up the pieces of their failure and let their presence be felt everywhere.

Rev. Ansah was speaking at a four-day national convention of the church at Koforidua which was attended by over 2,000 members from all over the country.

The Chairman of the Church Council, Rev. Joseph Antwi, called on Christians to let their Christian values reflect in all spheres of life as the nation celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

He urged the members of the church to use the Easter occasion to rekindle their love for each other and for Ghana and help support the development of the country.

Source: GNA