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08.04.2007 General News

Easter celebrations update - Tamale

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In Tamale, Pastor Honour Olukorede, Resident Pastor of Winners Chapel International, Tamale, on Sunday urged Christians to "tap into the season of resurrection" and strive to improve upon their spiritual and material well-being.

He said Christ resurrection ensures the salvation of mankind and re-establishes Him into a father/son relationship with God thus endowing Him with divine attributes, which makes him capable of overcoming all obstacles.

He said if Christians honestly and faithfully practiced what Christ taught them, they would be endowed with the same divine power that enabled Him to live a life without sin, sickness, disease, lack and want.

Pastor Olukorede was delivering a sermon on: "Victory at last" to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago.

He said upon the resurrection of Christ the veil of the Temple was torn into two, symbolizing access to God now opened to the ordinary man and not through the high priest again.

Pastor Olukorede said the resurrection of Christ was a period of renewal in which Christians have been called upon not only to strengthen their relationship with God alone but with their neighbours and let a new spirit of love; forgiveness and tolerance abide amongst them.

He also urged Christians to constantly pray for the welfare of the nation and God's guidance for its leaders to let them make the right decisions for the progress of the country.

At the OLA Cathedral Catholic Church, the parishioners spectacularly wore the Ghanaian traditional white cloth, which signifies happiness and joy to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

The Very Reverend Matthew Yitiereh urged the parishioners to use the occasion to transform their lives and help in the building of the nation by offering prayers for peace and understanding among Ghanaians.

He also urged Christians to assist the less privileged in the society by contributing towards their physical well-being.

Source: GNA