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08.04.2007 General News

Expect good rainy season but…

By myjoyonline

Officials of the Meteorological Service Department have predicted a good rainy season for this year.

A Meteorologist at the Kotoka International Airport, Mr Michael Padi, said the developments over the Indian Ocean which is the country's source of rainfall reflects a positive rainy season in the coming months.

Mr. Padi was however quick to add that the southern sector of the country will be out of the rainy season earlier than normal because the rain belt will be moving upwards toward the northern sector of the country.

“We should expect rains as it should be coming. At least every three days we should expect some kind of rains. Well the fear is that the rain belt would quickly move up north and when this happens it would be that the coastal areas would be out of the rainy season early,” he said.

On concerns about the recent UN draft document on worsening weather condition globally, Mr. Padi says Ghana is not under immediate threat however he advised local farmers to develop irrigation facilities for farming to reduce the impact of negative weather on the agriculture sector.

“Most farmers in Ghana depend on rain fed agriculture. If they do not turn to irrigation then we are affected most. And also the water level in the dam to turn the turbines for hydro-elect power for us,” he said.