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08.04.2007 General News

Easter should reconcile Ghanaians

By myjoyonline
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The Ghana Baptist Convention has advised Ghanaians to use the Easter season as an opportunity to reconcile the nation.

A press release from the church asked political leaders to set aside their political differences and work towards unifying the nation.

It said the growing mistrust among political opponents is a threat to peace and stability in the country.

Speaking to Joy News, the Vice President of the Baptist Convention, Dr. Nii Amoo Darko, said just as Jesus Christ took the initiative to reconcile the world to himself there is the need for those in leadership position to reach out to each other.

He said Ghanaians should focus on nation building.

“There is the need for all of us to seek to reconcile with one another. Society is begging and crying for reconciliation. There is so much acrimony in society. So we as individuals, political parties, tribal leaders ought to take the initiative just like Jesus Christ did and came down to the level of people to reach out to them for reconciliation,” he said.