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06.04.2007 Feature Article



IT'S NOT COMMON to see the “good news “from Africa in the western media .So when news from Africa made it in The New York Times, it calls for celebration, because that is not a small accomplishment.

Ghana just celebrated its 50th independence and the New York Times only showed a picture of the celebration, and nothing else. However, it devoted an entire page for the “latest obstacle for Nigerian election”— to propagate the notion that the Nigerian election campaign is a disaster. It's what it's, good news doesn't sell well.

But, today's edition (April 4th 2007) of the New York Times is an exception. According to the paper, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially, recommended that countries adopt the procedure of a research carried out in Africa about male CIRCUMCISION AND SEXUAL DISEASES. The story goes on to say that the circumcision seems to slow the spread of the H.I.V and other sexual diseases' infection rate. Thanks to the studies which were done in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

Yes I know, this is nothing to register on the world's major news seismograph scale. But, its significant is long –over due. We have been short-changed in the news department for too long. So go ahead and celebrate it with your Alomo Bitters. This may never happen again in your life time.

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi
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