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05.04.2007 General News

Mentor Stars fly on Tigo wings

By myjoyonline

TV3 Mentor II stars, Dee, Kofi and Prince treated viewers around the country to some exciting performances during the hot contest that saw Prince emerging winner.

Cellular network provider tiGO, is bringing the three together in what promises to be a series of sizzling shows that will give the singers the opportunity to show the world how ready they are for the professional music arena.

During the shows dubbed, "tiGo Experience Tour", the network provider will perform some social responsibility and community services by making donations to needy persons and institutions, while affording them the chance to touch base with their subscriber base through entertainment.

The tour also features hiplife 'supremo' Obrafuor, 2001 dance champion Paa Tee and the Spiders, as well as the Slap Daughters. On Good Friday, music lovers in Obuasi will rock to the sounds of the stars. Kwahu Mpraeso, Asante Mampong, Sunyani, Techiman and Kintampo will have their turns on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday arid Wednesday respectively.

The road-show has since commencing at the beginning of March, made stops at Tarkwa and Takoradi in the Western Region, Cape Coast and Swe¬dru in the Central Region, Koforidua's Olunku Park in Eastern Region, and in Greater Accra, Tema Community One.

"Our objective is to touch people and these concerts have been just the right vehicle to achieve this, and the success is seen everywhere we have been with the crowds of young people who come to the shows," Bismark Odoum, Marketing Officer of tiGO observed.

At each stop, Paa T and 'The Spiders' open the show with a teaser that gets the crowd into a frenzy, ready for musical acts. MC Papa Sly often joins in and adds his comic flavour to the performance to great applause.

Patrons also get the opportunity to join in a rap, dance and puzzle competition. Those who excel receive tiGo hampers, including the ultimate prize, a fully loaded mobile phone with tiGO credits.

Dee, who represented the Eastern Region in the Mentor programme received a very warm welcome when he mounted the stage in Koforidua, and he did not fail his people. His Reggae slant sent the crowd into ecstasy as they danced and sang along. Prince, the winner of the Mentor II also titillated the audience with his dancing antics! Kofi, who had represented the Western Region, was just as great as the others. The shows will hit every region.

Credit: The Mirror