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04.04.2007 General News

Electricity goes to Wa East soon


The Ministry of Energy is to extend electricity from Wa to Bulenga and Funsi in the Wa East District soon.

The Wa East District Chief Executive, Mr. Issahaku Adam, disclosed that no part of the district was enjoying electricity and this was impacting negatively on the social and economic well being of the people.

Speaking at the second ordinary session of the Wa East District Assembly at Funsi, he said the assembly has procured more low-tension poles in readiness for the work.

He said the provision of potable water, health facilities and educational infrastructure were some of the challenges facing the district and called on the government, non-governmental organizations and donor agencies to complement the efforts of the assembly.

Mr Adam said the assembly was in the process of collating data on communities that have no potable water and collaborate with NGOs to provide potable water for the people in those communities.

Mr Adam said the government and its development partners were developing a water system for Ducie to help eradicate guinea worm while the assembly has also provided three high yielding wells for a Small Town Water project for Funsi.

He said efforts were being made to supply boreholes with HIPC funds for the people of Torsa and Kalaahi while Plan Ghana, an NGO, was to drill one borehole for Yala No.1 and Katua communities.

On education, Mr Adam said the government was constructing four-unit teachers' quarters at Motigu and a three-unit classroom block at Funsi.

The assembly is providing a two classroom blocks at Tinneabelle and Balayiri and is rehabilitating a six-unit classroom at Tanina.

The European Union is also providing three-unit classroom blocks under its sixth Micro Project for Halemboi, Jeyiri Naha and Duu communities.

Mr Adam said 20 pupil teachers were recruited with support from ActionAid Ghana to teach in some of the deprived schools in the district and that the situation had improved with the engagement of 200 pupils teachers under the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP).

Mr Adam said under the Auxiliary Health Care Workers Assistants of the NYEP, 76 candidates have been recruited and are awaiting training while 20 youth have also been employed under the Waste and Sanitation Management.

Mr Joseph Bolibie, the Presiding Member of the assembly, called for collaboration between the assembly members and the government to address the developmental challenges of the district, which he said was among deprived districts in the country.

He urged the assembly members to foster unity among the people in the communities to promote peaceful co-existence to enhance development.

Mr Bolibie appealed to them to encourage the people to pay their taxes regularly to enable the assembly to undertake more development projects.

Source: GNA