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03.04.2007 General News

Desilt drains to avoid floods – Meteo Service


The public should desilt drains and take precautions that would prevent flooding, as heavy rains are unavoidable with the onset of the raining season, says a meteorologist.

Speaking to journalists in Accra, the Principal Meteorologist at the Meteorological Services Department at Kotoka International Airport, Mr Juati Ayi Larri, said the strong winds and lightening and thunder that accompanied last Sunday's rainfall were the result of too much energy or heat in the atmosphere.

He said whenever that happened the initial rains were often accompanied by such turbulence. With time, however, the rains would be more serene after there was much less heat in the atmosphere, he said.

Mr Larri said more rains were expected not only in Accra but through the middle belt as well.

He said last Sunday's downpour was experienced all over the country with several areas recording well over 50 millimeters of rainfall with a few having over 70 millimeters.

Mr Larri said it would take many heavy rainfalls in the catchment areas to bring the level of water in the Akosombo Dam to normal.

He said if the relative positions of the high and low pressure systems remained in place the rainy season could last for about three months.

Mr Larri urged the public to cultivate the habit of harvesting rainwater.

He also said re-forestation had to be seriously looked at as a long-term measure of ensuring more rains and thereby ensuring favourable water levels in the Akosombo Dam.

Mr Larri said this could be done, especially around the catchment areas of the Akosombo Dam. He added: “Trees create a micro climate which easily causes rainfall.”
He advised drivers not to take unnecessary chances during the raining season. He said whenever visibility was poor drivers should park their vehicles, despite their fog lights and headlights.

Mr Larri urged farmers to take full advantage of the raining season since it gave great promise for a good harvest.