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02.04.2007 Togo

Political Parties From Ghana, Togo Hold Meeting

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Multi-party Democracy (NIMD), will hold a two-day workshop for political parties from Ghana and Togo from today.

Under the West African Regional Political Parties Programme (WARPPP), the meeting, which will take place at the offices of the IEA in Accra from April 1 to April 3, 2007, is a follow-up meeting to those held in both Ghana and Togo.

A statement issued by the institute gives the theme for the meeting as: “Political Parties as Vibrant Actors in a Multi-party Democracy.”

The IEA and the NIMD established the WARPPP programme in 2005, with the aim of establishing and consolidating multi-party democracy in West Africa.

“One of the programmes undertaken to ensure this is the bilateral programme which brings together political parties from two countries in the West African sub-region to participate in a dialogue on issues and ideas,” the statement said.

It said the meeting would provide participants with the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges in their efforts to promote and safeguard democratic values and structures.

Topics to be discussed include “the role of civic society and the youth in ensuring peaceful elections”; “consensus building in a multi-party democracy”; “the role of political parties in ensuring peaceful elections”; “prospects for the sustenance of multi-party democracy” and “consideration and adoption of political parties code of conduct”.

The statement expressed the hope that the Togolese political parties would exchange ideas and learn from Ghana's electioneering process, especially in the light of the upcoming parliamentary election in Togo.

“This meeting will also be providing a platform for women, youth and the civil society to effectively participate in the governance of the two countries. In all, it is expected to be a very progressive affair that will be beneficial in the building and sustenance of peace and democracy in the two countries in particular and the West African sub-region at large”.