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02.04.2007 Health

Patience To Wait

Many are those who do not have the patience to wait for a brief moment and in their rush end up in an accident or something disastrous.

There has been a number of instances that pedestrians crossing a street have been knocked down by vehicles because they thought they could cross before the vehicles could reach them.

The situation becomes worse when pedestrians in our beloved company Ghana Incorporated prefer to walk outside the zebra markings.

In our beloved company, motorists are the most guilty of not waiting for a second, and so they would jump the red light, crash into the vehicles of other members of staff, or sometimes end up in a different accident.

It takes self-discipline to observe motor traffic regulations. But it is also good to wait for the brief time that the traffic light imposes on you to stop. There has been times when those who jump the red light run into the vehicles of other members of staff or get arrested by the “Koti”.

In the circumstance, the time that the offending motorist wanted to make becomes useless because he has to spend time pleading with the victim of his carelessness or he would have to plead with the Koti not to send him to court. Here again time is spent.

Parents who do not have the patience to wait may punish their children on the spur of moment when the child is said to have done something wrong. It means the punishment would be effected with the intention to show the child where power lies.

However, if the parent had waited and listened to the event leading to the wrongdoing and let the offending child know that he ought to have been very careful, he could have avoided the offence, and the child would appreciate that all the more.

A supervisor, instead of asking why his subordinate is late to work, may rather draw conclusions which might be unfounded and baseless. Of course, that is not to suggest that subordinates should deliberately go to work and fob their supervisors off with packs of lies because the possibility of them being found out is not there.

In marriage, some spouses have never had the patience, let alone the endurance to manage some hitches that might crop up. Some years after, some tend to regret their action.

There is merit in exercising patience in many situations because those who do that come out victorious. They are able to avert danger, sometimes the pain that might have resulted from impatient move.

The spirit to wait is a virtue that we must cultivate.

Article by C.S. Buabeng