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02.04.2007 General News

Sene On Fire

By Daily Guide

Tension is mounting in the Sene District of the Brong Ahafo Region.

Information reaching Daily Guide indicates that the District Chief Executive (DCE)'s residence at Kwame Danso, the district capital, is presently under siege.

The report alleged, the DCE, Ms Cynthia Titiriku-Danso who had not been at post for the past two weeks has taken refuge at Krachie in the Volta Region under the guise of being hospitalised.

Sources close to her office allege that since news broke out that the chiefs and people of the four paramountcy in the district, with the exception of the Nkomi Kejeji paramountcy where she hailed from, had petitioned President Kufuor to consider terminating her appointment because they could no more work with her, Cynthia feigned sickness and had since not been at post.

Mismanagement, favouritism, nepotism and misappropriation of funds had been cited against her as some of the basis for their stance.

Sources further allege that the DCE, from last year to date, had signed cheques amounting to ¢1.3 billion, with no single receipt covering expenditure.

The source alleged that a demand for various receipts
covering the expenditure by a finance officer of the District, resulted in scuffles between them.

It is alleged further that high on the agenda of the impending crucial assembly meeting slated for April 4, was the ¢1.3 billion bill and the DCE's alleged antagonistic behaviour towards most staff members, among others.

Yesterday, majority of the people of Sene took to the streets to demonstrate against what they described as Cynthia's dictatorial and corrupt administration.

It is said the angry demonstrators who thronged her house on seeing her vehicle, flattened the tyres of her Toyota Hilux Pick-Up and destroyed every crop in her backyard garden.

The demonstration, though long planned, was restrained by some prominent persons in the region, but was carried out on account of the fact that one of the NPP constituency secretaries was arrested by the Atebubu police on the orders of the DCE a night before, thereby inflaming passions.

The source alleged also that the people of Sene did not even want to see Cynthia in the district anymore. All they wanted now was for her “to pack bag and baggage and vanish to wherever.”

The source told Daily Guide that during the annual festival of the people of Kejeji, Ms Titiriku-Danso donated a whopping sum of over ¢25million to the traditional council, an act which is now the talk of town, with people questioning the source of her wealth considering the mansions she was putting up in Kejeji, Kumasi, and Accra concomitantly.

Cynthia Titiriku-Danso burst onto the political arena when she was nominated as the DCE of Sene some two years ago though she had been involved in grassroots politics for sometime because of her royal background.

She is alleged to have changed almost every member in the assembly, and brought her favourites.

Her administration has suffered several criticisms since its inception.

Rumours had been rife that a spell was cast on her, making her seriously sick months on end when she first took office. But for the timely intervention of the chiefs, sources alleged Cynthia could have suffered even death.

Cynthia since, has fallen ill almost every now and then. While some maintain that she was still suffering the repercussions of the spell, others say she was feigning it this time.