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31.03.2007 General News

Rainstorm hits Kwaebibirem District

By ghanadistricts

A rainstorm has hit some towns and villages in the Kwaebibirem District causing extensive damage to buildings and other structures.

The hardest hit towns were Nkwantanang, Abaam, Okumaning, Otumi, Subi, Kade and Darmang.

At Nkwantanang about 68 houses were damaged, some with roofs ripped off and others completely destroyed.

Also seriously affected were the Presbyterian Junior Secondary School and Church buildings that had their roofs blown off.

The Roman Catholic School building collapsed, the Roman Catholic Church and the Methodist Church had their roofs completely ripped off whilst the roof of the Church of Pentecost was partially ripped off. Eight electricity poles collapsed.

At Abaam the Presbyterian JSS had its roof partially ripped off and the Roman Catholic Primary School also had its roof partially blown off. Eighteen houses in the town either had their roofs ripped off or collapsed.

The situation was the same at Okumaning, Subi and Darmang.

NADMO sources have said that from the beginning of the year 107 houses have been affected by rainstorms.

Last year rainstorm, fires and flooding in the district affected 646 persons and damaged property worth over ¢600 million.

Source: ghanadistricts