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31.03.2007 General News

“I Will Drag Tony Blair To Court If…-Victor Smith Spits Fire

By The N. Democrat.

The special aide to former President Rawlings, Mr. Victor Smith, has served notice that he'll personally drag British Prime Minister, Tony Blair to the International Court of Justice if any British Court attempts to sit on a load of rubbish that a so-called Ghanaian lawyer in Britain, Georgette Dede Djaba, seeks to bring against the former President. “I will personally drag Tony Blair to court for murdering innocent Iraqis.

Do the British know the consequences of their war-ships firing missiles into Iraq on the orders of Tony Blair and his George Bush? Let any British Court entertain any case of human rights abuse against Rawlings and I'll drag Tony Blair to the International Court for a worse offence, Victor Smith said. Mr. Smith made these comments yesterday on an Accra-based radio station in reaction to a story that appeared in the Accra Daily Mail newspaper.

Mr. Smith said Ghanaians are not Chileans and President Rawlings is not Pinnochet so the British Courts should not think Ghanaians will sit down idle for them to do whatever they want to do with their former president.“Let anybody make the mistake of touching Rawlings and then we will see. I dare anybody to go ahead and touch Rawlings!” he said.

Later in an interview with the Democrat newspaper, he said the NPP government was behind whatever action the so-called lawyer in England was taking in their attempt to divert Ghanaians attention from the energy crisis they have plunged the country into.